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How to Make a Virtual Website for Kids Without Paying

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    • 1). Visit one of the blog software platforms listed in the Resources Section, such as Wordpress or Movable Type. These platforms offer both free domain registration as well as free hosting for the content on your website.

    • 2). Choose a blogging software that you like. Wordpress, Blogger and Movable Type have large communities of coders and users that have created many additional applications specific to each blogging platform. Check the sample blogs each platform shares to see if any strike a chord with you and choose that platform.

    • 3). Follow the instructions to set up your new blog. Enter in the username, password, and confirmation email address. Read the agreement instructions before submitting your application. Choose a blog name, which appears in front of the URL of whichever blog platform you choose, such as: http://yourblogname.wordpress.com. Choose a name that relates to children, perhaps: "http://funclowns.wordpress.com."

    • 4). Complete the registration by checking for the confirmation email in your inbox. Click the link in this email to begin looking through the features for your new blog. For Movable Type and Wordpress, download the programs and follow the simple instructions in the Read Me file located in the folders the programs downloaded in.

    • 5). Go to the administration panel of your new blog. For Blogger, click the "layout" button and begin customizing the look of your site, emphasizing what children would like, such as bright colors and big text. For Wordpress and Movable Type, click the Appearances button on the left of the administration panel and click instal new theme. Search through the themes for one that emphasizes the traits a child would like. If you know CSS, go to the editor page in your administration panel and edit the CSS to get the look and feel you want for your children's website.

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