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Criminal Justice Degree Jobs - What Jobs Are in Demand?

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In today's world, being safe from crime has become a major concern.
Criminals are getting smarter, sneakier, and in a lot of cases even more intelligent.
This presents challenges to our law enforcement.
We need to out-smart the criminal element.
There are more and more criminal justice jobs available for those that want to get involved! Let's take a look at some of the hottest and fastest growing careers today.
The criminal justice degree jobs do require an education.
Remember we need to be smarter than the criminals in order to prevent and catch them! There are innumerable career paths to pursue in the criminal justice field ranging from law enforcement to court reporting and everything in between.
For now, we will look at the top criminal justice jobs being searched for on the internet.
Economic Crime Investigation - A highly technologically advanced career, you will combat credit and tax fraud, white color crime, as well as private companies and government agency threats.
This career is for the curious, technological minded individual and does require continued education.
Crime Scene Investigation - Special attention to detail is required here! You will learn how to protect a crime scene, locate and gather evidence while preserving it for the lab.
You may even be testifying in court.
This job is in high demand these days! There are certifications that will get you started and then you can move up with a degree.
Forensics - The field of forensics is vast! It covers everything from being able to identify the deceased to finding the criminal behind fraud on the internet.
All of which are also in high demand.
This job does require a degree.
Homeland Security - This field would have you investigating and preventing acts of terrorism, natural disasters and catastrophic events on any level from locally to nationally.
The list could go on and on! There are so many careers under the heading of Criminal Justice Jobs, the only thing they all have in common is the need to get a degree!I have done some homework for you and found a great place to start for more information, as well as help deciding which criminal justice job is best for you! Criminal Justice Degree Jobs
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