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Is My Puppy Pregnant?

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    In Heat

    • Your puppy isn't pregnant if she hasn't been in heat. You'll know she's in heat when her vulva enlarges slightly and when her discharge is bloody, though it may lighten later in her cycle. She may also behave differently around male dogs and may seek their attention by raising her tale and flirting. Some dogs go through heat without any observable signs.

    Morning Sickness

    • Dogs, like people, can become sick when they are pregnant. If your puppy vomits yellow foam and stops eating as much as she normally would, she may be pregnant. Some people believe that this is an adaptation to slim an overweight dog for pregnancy. These signs normally appear before week five of the pregnancy, and are the only way you have of knowing she is pregnant during that time.

    Vaginal Discharge

    • Your dog's vulva may discharge a clear, thick substance. When you see this, you know that she is likely pregnant. The amount of the discharge will increase as time goes on, and will become yellow as she approaches delivery. If you find pus in your expectant mother's discharge, she may have an infection, and you should take her to a veterinarian.


    • If you aren't certain your dog is pregnant, take her to a veterinarian. X-rays are not safe when the dog is newly pregnant, so speak with a specialist before you decide to order the X-ray. Owners resort to an X-ray during pregnancy when the dog is only having a single, small puppy that prevents the pregnancy from being viewed with the naked eye.

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