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Personal Branding and Job Search

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It can be easy to describe why you always choose a certain brand bag of chips or shampoo; maybe a friend recommended the product to you, it could be you tried it once and had a great experience or perhaps the brand came out with a great ad and you wanted to find out if it's true. Bottom line: the brand you choose time and time again is your go-to because the brand made a promise of what it could deliver and you found it to be true.

But how does this fit in with looking for a job? If you haven't already, it is time to introduce personal branding to your job search.

What Is Personal Branding In A Job Search?

Hiring managers receive job applications in such large volume that it's essential for a job seeker to stand out from the crowd in order to be considered for the position. This is where personal branding comes in: having a clear message of who you are, what experience you have and what direction you're going in, you are conveying your identity to the hiring manager instead of being a faceless part of the crowd. €You have to consider yourself as a whole package or product, not just your skills and functional abilities, but also your personality, creativity, enthusiasm, passion, &c.€ say Justin Thompson, consumer marketing manager at CareerBuilder. €Job seekers need to be able to wrap that up in a concise way so as to easily explain themselves to employers.€

How Do You Create Your Own Personal Brand?

€Consider why you pick one brand of toothpaste over another - are they functionally different? No. But how they're packaged and what they offer beyond the actual paste is what makes you decide which one to buy,€ says Thompson. The same is true with personal branding. Take some time to brainstorm what you want in your personal brand. Go over your r©sum©, note what type of roles or projects you're drawn to, understand your work ethic and leadership qualities you have, figure out what direction you want to take your career in. Then start imagining how you can express this to hiring managers. Can you communicate your interests and experience in a clear message? Will a customized r©sum© help share your view? Can you get your brand across in your cover letter?

What Job Application Materials Should You Consider Using In Your Personal Branding?

Resume: Your r©sum© needs to be compelling enough to make the hiring manager or recruiter want to call you in for an interview, so highlight your skills, education and some hints of personality. But this isn't the place to lay it on thick.

Cover letter: This is a better place to let your personality shine. Be unique and explain how you'd be in the role or why you'd be a better choice over another person.

When it comes to programming jobs such as Perl, Python, ASP.Net; Personal branding increases the chance of highlighting the candidate's profile from the crowd. Careerbuilder.co.in comes with a two-step resume uploading feature, which guarantees job seekers a good chance of personal branding.
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