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How to Avoid Being Blacklisted For SPAM Violations

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E-mail marketers who violate the provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act face serious consequences.
If you are identified as a spammer, you risk losing your e-mail accounts, having your website shut down, and even losing your business.
Even unintentional spam practices can result in the previously stated penalties.
Here's what you need to do to ensure you stay compliant: Tip 1: Protect your customer list.
Do not share your subscriber database unless you have clearly stated your intentions to do so in your privacy policy.
If you give or sell your list to another marketer without disclosing this information to subscribers, you could be fined for a SPAM violation.
Tip 2: Use a double opt-in form.
Single opt-ins are acceptable, however, double opt-ins are preferable.
In a single opt-in, the subscriber must first enter his name and e-mail address and select a box that states they wish to receive your correspondence.
In a double opt-in, subscribers must complete the opt-in form described above, then also click on a verification link in an e-mail you send.
Although single opt-ins generally make it easier to develop a large subscriber base, double opt-ins offer more protection against SPAM allegations.
Tip 3: Never hold a subscriber hostage.
Every message you send should include a link that readers can click to unsubscribe from your list.
Most autoresponders will include this for you, but you should test the link to ensure that unsubscribing is a simple, straightforward process.
Every unsubscribe requests must be honored immediately or else the marketer risks being labeled as a spammer.
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