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What Are Channel Letters

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Are you planning to advertise your business in a bit creative way? Then you can always think of channel letter, one of the most effective and popular ways of advertising a business. One of the most desirable choices of signage, it truly offers a visual pleasure. It creates a dramatic appearance and is highly successful in grabbing the attention of the passersby. You will get a limitless range of attractive fonts to design the letters, presenting a smart look. The unique construction of the signage makes it possible to create more than traditional worded signs. It is widely used to create eye-catching logos, graphics and pictures to develop a distinctive look. You can even customize the color and font of the item to achieve the desirable look. This signage is generally found on shopping and retail centers, office buildings, restaurants and many other types of institutions and businesses.

Some Popular Choices

Front Lit Channel Letter

Commonly referred to as standard channel letter, this item has a wide application. You will commonly found them in and around retail malls and outdoor shopping centers. Each letter is consisted of strong and long lasting aluminum composite panel (ACP). The back and sides are crafted from pre-finished aluminum channel letters coils. These standard letters are typically painted with white color on the inside. However, you can choose from an array of colors to beautify the outside of the item. The letters are illuminated internally using LED modules or neon tubes. A translucent acrylic face is applied on the front surface. This ensures continuous illumination across the front surface. To produce an array of colors translucent vinyl overlay is also applied onto the surface of white acrylic.

Halo Lit Channel Letters

If you want to create a more refined look for your signage, this is definitely a desirable option. Also known as reverse channel letters they are generally mounted with spacers. This creates a gap between the rear of the letters and the mounting surface where the sign is installed. This allows proper exit of light through the rear of the letters which create a halo effect reflecting off the wall. To create this halo effect the letters are constructed with their open side facing backwards, hence the term reverse is used.

Front and Back Lit

This type of signage creates a distinctive look combining the effect of both translucent acrylic and halo lighting. It utilizes translucent acrylic to illuminate the front of the letters. Again, halo lighting is used to illumine the wall or the mounting surface behind the product. High quality transparent polycarbonate is used to craft the back of this attractive signage. This material allows smooth passing of light through the letters which reflect off the mounting surface creating an eye-catching look.

Why LED is use To Illuminate Channel Letters

-- LED requires less maintenance expenses
-- It also consumes less power
-- Durability is a defining quality of LED and it can withstand even harsh climatic condition
-- It is easy to repair
-- Greater consistency

To get the best channel letter designing and installation service, get in touch with any experienced sign designing company. They will help to create the desirable look developing attractive signage.
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