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How to Use the Micro Niche finder Tool - Part 4

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In part 3 of this series of articles on how to use the micro niche finder product, I went through various features that the micro niche finder has such as the SOC feature.
The soc feature or strength of competition as its known is a very useful feature which tells you what the strength of competition is like for keywords.
As mentioned in the previous article, a Red light means that the would be a hard market to get a foot hold in Google.
An amber light indicates a moderately easy market to rank in Google.
Finally, a green light should be relatively easy to rank for this term in Google.
In this article I am going to continue explaining to you what some of the other features do on the micro niche finder tool.
OK lets get started then.
I am going to explain what the buttons "Get checked search counts", "Get checked exact matches" and "Get checked SOC" mean.
"Get checked search counts" refer to all the checked phrases.
After several searches you will be required to enter an image code to continue.
This will be required by the results provider in order to protect their bandwidth.
"Get Checked exact matches" refers the the exact match counts for all the checked phrases.
"Get Checked SOC - This is the strength of competition index for all the checked phrases.
There are other buttons that you should be aware of.
For instance, the "export results" creates a CSV file of the current results for the use in excel.
"Print results" creates a printer friendly HTML file of the current results.
You can then, if you wish, to print the results from the micro niche finder browser.
"Check all results" by clicking this button you will check all the phrases that are in the current results.
Finally the "Uncheck all results" button, by clicking this button, you will uncheck all the phrases in the current results set.
I'm going to close off the article here as I want to keep things short so you can digest the information I am telling you.
In the final part of this series of articles on how to use the micro niche finder I will explain to you some of the additional options that you can use for your research for tapping into profitable niches..
These additional options are really good and you'll want to know what they do.
If you would like to purchase the Micro niche finder, or would like to find out more info please visit the link below.
Thank you for your time.
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