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Which Comes First? The Product Or the Mailing List?

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When asked which is more important, the product or the mailing list most experienced marketers would say that it's the mailing list that holds more weight.
This is because any knowledgeable business person places more value on demand.
You may have a great product but, if there is no demand, there is no product.
A mailing list is a concrete representation of this demand.
If you're familiar with Joint Venture forums and membership sites, you're more likely to find product and service owners in need of mailing list owners than the other way around.
This is entirely because of demand.
Mailing list owners have prospective customers, the demand, that product and service owners are looking to sell to.
Mailing list owners need not only generate profit from selling their lists.
Many also sell advertising space or craft a Joint Venture with product or service owners in return for recurring and one time commissions.
Because of the importance of demand, most successful Internet businesses generate mailing lists, or lists of subscribers, before they produce a product.
One example is Friendster.
com, a website that connects friends globally through a free membership access.
Though the site does not generate profit through the number of members who join, it does make money by selling advertising space and joining forces with other large businesses.
Advertisers and businesses are attracted to the site because of the number of members Friendster.
com has recruited.
Whether or not you run a friends site, it's easy to see how demand overrules product.
For this reason, it is a detailed mailing list that is ultimately more valuable than a product or service.
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