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How to Take Care of a Month-Old Puppy

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    • 1). Set up a crate for the puppy. Line it with newspaper to make it easy to clean, and equip it with a hot-water bottle or heating pad, wrapped in a blanket and set on low, to warm the area. Put blankets in the crate for bedding. This will be the puppy's home, and should be warm, safe and comfortable. Put the puppy in this crate whenever you aren't there to supervise her.

    • 2). Feed the puppy depending on his progress. If the puppy is still on milk, fill a bottle with puppy milk replacer, hold the pup on his stomach and place the nipple in his mouth. Squirt a small amount of milk so he starts sucking. Feed him one ml of milk per ounce of body weight. At this age he should be starting to eat dry food and water, so put out dishes of puppy food mixed with warm water and water to drink. Feed him four times a day with either milk or puppy food. If he's still on milk, gradually teach him to drink water and eat food at one meal of the day by standing him in front of the dishes and using your fingers to offer food or water. Increase the dry-food feedings until he's off the milk.

    • 3). Take the puppy to the vet for a health check. She should not receive any vaccinations at this time, but should be checked for vitality and weight.

    • 4). Clean the puppy's crate every day. Take out the newspapers and replace them, and replace the blankets with clean blankets. At this age he should be eliminating regularly on his own, and may do so inside his crate. Spread newspapers outside the crate and begin training him in how to go to the bathroom in specific spots.

    • 5). Keep the puppy clean by consistently bathing her with slightly damp cloths. Keeping her clean will keep her from developing sores or falling prey to infections brought on by poor hygiene. Supervise the puppy at all times; at this age she is prone to getting into tight positions inside cupboards or under refrigerators, and getting "lost."

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