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How to Make a Homemade Wall Bed Canopy

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    • 1). Cut a length of 2-by-2 lumber that is around 10 inches shorter than the length of the bed head. If it is a very wide bed, cut it 20 inches shorter, if desired.

    • 2). Secure the lumber cleat to the wall above the bed, using a level to ensure it is straight, by drilling 3-inch screws along the length of the lumber every 4 to 5 inches. The height of the cleat is up to you; generally 20 to 30 inches down from the ceiling is fine.

    • 3). Cut two lengths of sheer fabric that are twice the width of the cleat and as long as you want the canopy curtains to hang.

    • 4). Tack the fabric panels to the cleat on the wall, arranging them so that a nice ruffled fall is created around the head of the bed. Once happy with the fall of the curtains, staple them in place onto the cleat.

    • 5). Cut a second piece of 2-by-2 lumber to the same length as the first and place it over the top of the first, as well as over the stapled fabric to obscure the stables and fabric ends. Secure as you did the first cleat.

    • 6). Cut a length of gingerbread trim to the same length as the cleat, then two lengths about 4 inches long to cover the ends of the cleat.

    • 7). Position the front piece of trim over the cleat, flush or a little higher than the top of the 2-by-2 lumber, depending on which way the trim looks better.

    • 8). Secure the trim with finishing nails driven in inconspicuous places in the trim into the cleat. Repeat on the sides of the lumber with the side pieces of trim to finish the canopy.

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