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Overcoming Loneliness With Hope

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It's such a depressive thought to be lonely, even with a lot of people around you still can feel lonely.

How can this be? It comes in your thoughts, it's a state of mind due to circumstances of loss, break-up and many other things that happens to all of us. A prolonged feeling of loneliness can result in depression, neither condition is good for your health. So, we return to the question, what do you do?


Sometimes we have to force ourselves to do what's best. The timing is different for everyone, but the end result, if you want to escape prolonged loneliness is get connected.

Allowing your mind to keep thinking the same lonely thoughts, over and over, only makes things worse. I know we all need time to heal, just be aware of the risks of prolonged thoughts of this kind.

How to Generate Hope

We can only suggest ways to reconnect to a so called "Normal" life, keep trying.
  • Pets - pets have a special way of comforting us during troubled times. Even consider fostering a pet, this way you can help a homeless animal and not have the long term commitment.
  • Online Forums - there are some very reputable chat/forums designed just for these purposes.
  • Read - read stories of others, others that have been through the same feelings you have. Find places to share how you feel, your not alone.
  • Listen to Inspirational Radio - turn away from influences that depress you. Talk radio that continuously reports murder, gossip, killings, etc., this won't instill hope. Find those stations that will uplift your spirits and relax your mind.

Really hope is reigniting interest in something you look forward to. Hope is finding a purpose other than feeling lost, alone and insecure.

It takes time and sometimes effort to snap out of this lonely spirit, you can do it.

Find more answers at how to Overcome Lonelyness. If you want to you can.

There is a bit more behind lonely thoughts, we have some views about this. If you go to Sin No More, you can read more about what's at the core of loneliness.

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