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What is Interactive Content?

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With the explosion of the new media - blogs, podcasts, and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) are quickly becoming a world wide craze. And with the creation of mobile web applications, blogging and podcasting have now become easier and handier. But what really pull us netizens to do all the blogging and tweeting on our mobile phones even if such tasks seem rough and uncomfortable?

Just imagine checking into Facebook with your mobile device while you're standing in a jam-packed train or watching a parody of Sarah Palin on YouTube while walking in the middle of a busy street. Don't all these seem difficult?

For some, this challenge is accepted with open arms because the interactive content that we see on our devices overpowers all the roughness and awkwardness that we experience while we are clicking and tapping away on our smart phones. Talking about mobile devices, the content and architecture that we see on conventional web pages are also applicable to the creation of mobile web pages. In fact, there are several content management systems in the market today that keep mobile websites user-friendly.

Mobile web pages emphasize the application of interactive content - an essential feature wherein the user and machine each take a more or less active role. This does not only include text and graphics but also photos, animation, videos, and audio all packed into a single page.

For instance, if you're logged in a website and click on one tab, and the content (let's say photos) appear without displaying a new page, that means that it fulfills the idea of interactivity because the medium responds to the user's request - making it interactive.

Moreover, mobile websites have upgraded features that make browsing quick, easy, and simple. Its interactive content may have loads of photos, links, and pages that may seem overly complicated to a user, depending on the purpose of the website. But it still makes online searching more fun, entertaining, and enjoyable.

One content management system that builds cutting-edge content is BlocksGlobal, an easy-to-use web content management system that keeps you up-to-date with your marketing resources - may it be websites, contacts, files, or email marketing campaigns.

Whether you're a serious blogger or a small business owner running a website, there is no need to hire a pool of IT professionals to perform all the technical work. BlocksGlobal gives you the power to publish, edit, organise, maintain, and modify the content from a centralised location.

It may sound complicated at first look, but BlocksGlobal makes your web content management easier and simpler without compromising the overall content, features, and credibility of your website. It is the most practical software that pulls your page onto the first page search engine results.

BlocksGlobal is a web content management system that specialises in the development and management of marketing resources, such as websites, mobile web pages, and email marketing campaigns for interactive content [http://www.blocksglobal.com/product-introduction].
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