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Adwords Keyword Optimization Strategies

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Ok, lets take a look at how we can Optimize our AdWords campaign by simply creating a more targeted keyword list.
By doing this you can not only decrease the amount that you spend , but also increase your conversion rate.
So, Lets get started.
Keyword Optimization Strategies: One of the biggest mistakes that user make is by creating an irrelevant keyword list.
Their keyword list is to broad for the product or service that they are promoting, For example - 'dog' is a very irrelevant term, and can bring you visitors that are looking for anything related with dogs.
Such as - Dog walking - Dog tricks - Dog Food.
This is where so many people waist money, they are paying for visitors to come to there website, that will never have any interest in buying from them.
Lets say your selling dog collars, if this is the case then by bidding on the phrase dog collars, you will then have increased your Optimization Strategies for your keyword list.
which basically makes your ad more relevant to the users search term.
Now, to get even more targeted and Optimized you would want to start bidding on phrases such as - Buy dog collars - Cheap dog collars - Dog collars for sale - Dog collars UK.
and so on.
The more targeted your keyword list, the high your conversions.
However, this normally less hit per day, as your only targeting clients, not visitors.
Singular and Plural: Another great trick is to build into your keyword list, is to add the singular and plural version of your keyword.
So many people are missing out on all of this traffic just because they don't know about this simple technique.
For example -ebook, ebooks.
Misspelt Keywords: Did you know that 1 in 5 entrepreneurs are dyslexic? Well, it's true.
This doesn't just go for entrepreneurs.
There are many visitors that you could be missing out on by not including the misspellings.
There are many great tools out there that will generate misspelling for you.
However, only use these tools on your most popular keywords.
Otherwise you will end up with thousands of keywords clogging up your campaign.
Similar Terms and Synonyms: Always try and come up with many different variation of the same term.
For example - Dog training tips - Dog training tricks - Dog training secrets Geographical Optimization This can be a very powerful technique for anyone who is promoting a product or service in there local area.
Simply by adding the geographical location to the keyword can help bring in even more targeted visitors to your website.
For Example: 'Essex Dog Training Classes', This is a very targeted keyword which will have a much higher conversion rate than just 'dog'.
There you go, just by following these simple yet effective AdWords Keyword Optimization Strategies, you could be running a profitable campaign in no time.
Good Luck!:-) Jeff Spires
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