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How to Foster Entrepreneurship In Others

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Running a business teaches self-sufficiency, creativity, persistence and collaboration.

It builds confidence and teaches you how to work through failures until you reach success. But not all people are lucky enough to have entrepreneurial role models from a young age that can teach them to see through a vision until it is a success. For people who do grow up in that environment, we believe that even if they don't grow up to become a fully-fledged "entrepreneur," the skills they develop by practicing entrepreneurship are invaluable in life.

CDM Marketing Group is a result of the collaboration of 3 life enthusiasts who have embraced their career, and in doing so, enhanced their lifestyles and influenced the lives of many others!

Catherine and Michelle met in college, studying music performance in Melbourne, Australia. Meanwhile Debbie was enjoying a HR/Legal career in Auckland, New Zealand earning a nice salary. However, after her 1st child could not bare the thought of leaving her child in care all day, every day. Debbie and her family decided to move to Melbourne, Australia to find "the right lifestyle" and opportunities that a larger city could offer. This is where she met Michelle who had also had her 1st child.

Eventually an opportunity arose and the 3 women saw the financial freedom they were seeking becoming a vivid reality.

Cath, Deb and Mish decided to go into home-based business together, all the time knowing through their experience, there were complimentary techniques to their leaders basic business building techniques, that could create a true home based, 'successful' business. Through having a common vision, CDM Marketing Group was born.

The entrepreneurial team studied the marketing game, mastering the techniques and strategies. By publishing the effective, relevant and inspiring business building techniques, CDM Marketing Group not only has helped many others, but turned themselves into the leaders that they are. They have proven themselves time and time again by delivering powerful information that transforms ordinary people into successful business owners.

Fostering Entrepreneurship in others and yourself?

We've learned a few things over the years about the benefits of fostering an entrepreneurial "can-do" spirit in others and yourself.

1. Share Your Enthusiasm to Make a Business Out of Things You Already Love.

It's easier to go with the flow than to push water uphill. We could have spent months trying to persuade ourselves to start our own coffee shop but that just wasn't our passion. A business based on what you love is a great foundation upon which to grow a new business idea.

2. Plant Seeds and Let Them Grow

People are smart and can work a lot out for themselves. But they may need you to suggest a few "What if?" questions that allow them to see wider possibilities than the one they saw initially.

3. Help Others Prepare for Potential Challenges

I ask my team questions that will prepare them for dealing with all sorts of things, like order cancellations, extra costs and taxes.

4. Ask Questions - but Let Them Work Out the Answers

This is the other persons' project. You want them to feel a sense of achievement as a result of their entrepreneurial venture - not that you did the whole thing for them. You can help out where necessary. But remember, people can be incredibly resourceful. They can figure out things for themselves... with a little nudge here and there from you. Let them know that you are always available to help them, but stand back and give them a chance to do as much as possible themselves. Yes, they will make mistakes - but though disappointing, mistakes are some of the best teachers.

5. Involve Both Partners

This is important - partners need to be involved and they know you or your friend the best. A spouse can offer ideas, insights and experience that you can benefit from.

6. Recognise the Difference Between Ideas and Actions

This is a big concept for anyone. You can come up with "great" ideas for projects or businesses. But until you put them into action, nothing happens. By getting a few projects going yourself, you can develop yourself so that you can help others have the courage to try their own.

7. Persistence Pays

The twin of action is persistence - staying the course. And encouraging others to dip their toes into entrepreneurship teaches them how to handle "failure" and not give up. In any undertaking, there will be unexpected setbacks. And entrepreneurship is the perfect way for you to learn how to cope with those setbacks and think your way through creative solutions.

8. Clear the Path

You are never too young or old to learn about the Ready, Fire, Aim approach to achieve success in any endeavor. Too much planning and over-thinking is the enemy of action. Teach others to get a project started - and then build upon what they discover.

9. Don't Make Money Goal #1

Not every project has to make a profit in order to have value. So don't discourage others if they aren't interested in making a buck. If, for example, your friend wants to put on a free piano recital at the local hall and have attendees donate money to orphans in Africa, then that is a wonderful goal. The point is to help others become strong and happy, not to impose your own vision upon them. If your friend enjoys what they're doing, they'll be much more likely to achieve success.

The greatest gift one of our teams parents ever gave them, which she has fostered in us, was this single piece of career advice: "We don't care what you do as long as you're happy." This has inspired some interesting choices along the way. But we can all honestly look back and say that although some of the choices we've made have been plain hard work, we've never had a dull, boring, or stayed in an unhappy job in our lives since.

For us, the main benefit in the time we've spent teaching ourselves and others about entrepreneurship has been the fun we've had learning new things together. That, and discovering more about what others are passionate about. At the same time, we know we've been helping them learn some major life skills.

CDM Marketing Group offer valuable information to help answer your candidates questions with confidence. If you are committed to growing a profitable and successful business, then visit our website (ww.cdmmarketinggroup.com) and take the time to access and view our library of information and support.

To your success,

Catherine, Debbie and Michelle

CDM Marketing Group
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