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How to Clean Scratches on a Memphis Shades Windshield

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    • 1). Pour warm water in a bucket, add a squirt of liquid dish washing soap and mix. Use a sponge or rag to remove dirt from the windshield.

    • 2). Apply a liberal amount of Novus #2 on a clean, soft cloth. Novus #2 can be purchased online or from select home improvement, auto parts, motorcycle or boat shops. Polish the scratches with a back-and-forth motion at right angles to the scratches. The deeper the scratches, the harder and longer you will need to polish. While polishing, keep the cloth dampened with Novus #2.

    • 3). Use a soft cloth to apply Novus #2 in a circular motion to the entire windshield once the scratches have been polished out. The entire windshield should be coated with an even layer of polish. Allow the polish to dry on the windshield.

    • 4). Buff the surface of the windshield with a dry, soft cloth, using firm, short strokes. Continue until all of the Novus #2 has been buffed off the windshield.

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