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The Earth Experience

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Psalms 33: 20 Our soul waits for the Lord; He is our Help and Shield.
It is good to know there is help during hard times.
There is help during divorce; addiction, depression and other life alter circumstances.
He is our Helper.
He exists to help His kids survive the earth experience.
Life on planet earth is hard and difficult.
Life in general is hard.
No matter how you cut it, you need a helper.
He is our help and shield.
The shield indicates warfare.
You wake up in a spiritual war and go to sleep in the same war zone.
The war you fight is not with flesh and blood but with the spirit world, with rulers of darkness and with Satan.
Satan is powerful, clever, and ruthless.
His purpose is to kill, steal and destroy your life.
You have a shield in Jesus.
He waits for you to call on Him from the heart.
He knows your heart and He wants to shield your heart from the deadly arrows of the evil one.
The soul of every man has a device, which directs him toward God.
The soul, the God conscious area of the heart waits for the Lord.
You may be calling out from your soul toward God.
When He hears the call of the heart, He comes and provides a shield, which defends you from Satan.
The earth experience can be extremely lonely at times.
At times, you might think God has forsaken you or He removed the shield or He doesn't help.
He promised to never leave you or forsake you.
He is there in the middle of the earth experience in the form of the Holy Spirit.
Jesus promised to send His Spirit and He did.
When you feel alone in your journey remember the Lord is your help, shield, counselor and comforter.
Prayer Focus:Lord, I know you are my help and my shield and I call on you now to help me and shield me from the evil one.
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