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The Best Way to Speak Fluent English

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    Classes and Conversations

    • The absolute best way to increase your fluency in English is to practice with native English speakers. You can do this in several ways, including taking a class at a local learning institute, hiring a private tutor, finding a language exchange, or getting a conversation partner. This last method is nice because it's free---your conversation partner will help you with English, and in turn you can help him or her to learn your native language, an even trade.


    • Get involved with groups, organizations, or societies where you will be forced to speak English constantly. Join a local sports league, take cooking lessons, or volunteer in your community. Hang out at cafes or bookstores where you are bound to meet and talk with interesting people. Get to know your neighbors and invite them for a meal or coffee.

    Watch, Listen and Learn

    • Watching English programs on television will also help you to get a better feeling of the cadence of the language and allow you to absorb modern colloquial speaking styles. When you watch English language movies on DVD, don't turn on the subtitles for your language, and see how much you can understand. If it gets too difficult, turn the subtitles on.

      Listen to the radio in your house or in your car, and sing along or repeat the words of the radio station host. Get English books on tape or CDs to play when you are at home or in your car.

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