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A True Taste of the East - An Escape to Koh Chang Island

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As far as dream holiday getaways go, an escape to the Thai Koh Chang Island should probably be high up on the list of considerations since Koh Chang offers a true taste of the East, which will most likely live on in the traveller's mind for years to come, long after they've washed the White Sand Beach out of those awkward areas it may have made its way into.
If you are going to visit Thailand, your island paradise getaway, which is a stone's throw away from the mainland, in the form of Koh Chang Island, is definitely worth making provision for since this little piece of paradise probably has more soul than the actual mainland, offering a number of unique experiences which appear to be somewhat diluted on the mainland.
There are a number of exotic experiences to be had on the Island of Koh Chang, many of which reek of true holiday makers' traditions, in the form of alternative body healing treatments and camps, dining experiences that are truly fit for royalty and the kind of sightseeing that would not only make for perfect postcard pictures, but also go a long way in humbling one's troubled soul, replacing any need for therapy if things are that bad.
Alternative Body Healing and Treatment Camps The exotic Koh Chang environment may have been adapted to accommodate the mounds of tourists that flock to this hidden Eden, but this has been done is such a harmonious way that it would make one really believe that there is a higher power which lives in every one of us, since everything seems to just blend in together perfectly.
That is exactly the reason why trying out some of the local alternative health and wellness offerings would probably bring about some surprisingly good results, with the popular Baan Zen Reiki Chakras Balancing retreat continuing to thrive because of the many satisfied tourists that take the time to experience the Klang Prao Beach Lagoon that comes with the personalised and tailored yoga.
How can your body not respond well to a Thai massage that is carried out in an environment that is full of exotic authenticity, in the form the Smai Burapa Massage Spa? Again, the serenity of the surrounding Kai Bae Beach location ads volumes to the experience of the actual massage itself.
How can breathing exercises that come with a traditional version of morning yoga not work out well for you when your lungs get to savour the freshest air you will probably ever taste? An early night sunset dinner at a venue like The Beach Club, located in the Moo 3 region of the Koh Chang Island, is characterised by Italian, Swiss, Thai and Fondue cuisines, enjoyed under the ocean breeze and beauty of the fading light, to make for a unique experience that will prove to be very hard to find outside the borders of Koh Chang.
It's really amazing what a simple change of environment and scenery can do for the body and mind, coupled with the kind of dining experience that would look like a scene right out of a holiday movie, to offer travellers a true taste of the East -- all of which is worth punting for via a visit to island of Koh Chang.
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