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Leash Training Dogs in 3 Dead Simple Steps - Learn to Walk Your Dog Instead of Being Walked by Him!

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Leash training dogs is much simpler with puppies than with older pets.
This is because older dogs have already plenty of bad habits rooted deep in their brains and will be more resistant to your commands.
Remember about it as it will save you a lot of nerves and make leash training dogs slightly less annoying.
Also, take into account that dogs don't know that pulling on the leash is considered a wrong behavior.
Because of your actions in the past you might have even reinforced this bad habit by letting your dog drag you wherever he wanted to go.
This is a clear message to him that pulling on the leash pays off because he can get further and see more.
Get The Right Collar and Leash
The first step in leash training dogs is to purchase a standard leather collar and a leash.
Nothing fancy, we don't want the leash to have an adjustable length.
Make sure it is long enough for your dog to walk freely by your side.
Short leashes (that get tense quickly) tend to cause dogs to feel uncomfortable and pull even stronger.
Don't invest into choke collars either as all forms of negative reinforcement techniques such as this one will only make your dog more confused and stressed.
Take Your Pet On A Walk Through Your House
Next step in leash training dogs is to get our dog familiar with the collar and leash so that he gets used to wearing them.
It is best to start the training in a place that your dog is familiar with and where no distractions are present.
Your house would be perfect but in some cases dogs will not want to cooperate while being indoors so if you have a driveway or a small yard use them instead.
Make sure that your dog doesn't jump around out of excitement when you put the collar onto his neck.
If he does stop and wait till he calms down (even if it takes 2 hours:) Your pet needs to understand that being naughty will not get him anywhere.
Begin Leash Training!
OK, now is the time to start the proper part of the leash training dogs process.
Start walking and see where it takes you.
If your pet instantly changes direction and starts pulling on the leash say firmly 'ah-ah' and wait for him to stop.
Hopefully he will listen to you and come back, slacking the leash.
If he does praise him cheerfully and give a tasty treat (piece of cheese or a frankfurter will do).
Make another few steps and observe his behavior.
As soon as he starts dragging you towards something stop and repeat the entire process.
What we're trying to do here is to make your pet understand that there are only two possible scenarios here:
  • a) He can walk by your side and get a chance to investigate the world around (plus receive plenty of tasty rewards)
  • OR
  • b) He won't move further than the driveway.
Remember that leash training dogs is all about patience and consistency so don't give up and keep on training your pet.
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