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Let Your Light Shine in 2009

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Are you asking yourself, how long will it be before I start living my Dreams? Many of you may remember the New Millennium, New Year's Eve.
That was 8 years ago already.
What were your Goals and Dreams at that time? Were they basically the same as they are today? For many, not much has changed except age, wrinkles and more depression.
I hate to bring this up but I hear this from prospective clients everyday, "Why can't I move ahead while I see others reaching an abundance of happiness, riches and goals achievement?" I know the answer but please just wait a minute before I divulge the secret.
You all have heard of "The Secret, "The Law of Attraction" and "The Power Of Intention" right? I believe that before you can avail yourself of any of these laws you need an Attitude of Success.
I call this "The Ultimate Success Attitude.
, U.
, Yes, you need the Attitude Of Success, first.
If you don't believe that you will achieve your Dreams and Goals, all of the Intention, Secrets and Attraction methods won't work for you.
In the book Acres Of Diamonds, you must have an attitude of never giving-up on your Dreams.
OK, it will have been 9 full years since we started 2000 on December 31.
You may have had some success but are you still not where you want to be? Don't get discouraged.
Prepare your Goals for 2009, NOW.
"Let Your Light Shine In 2009" That's my motto for You.
The 3 "Light Shine" Cause and Effect Changes.
1- Change your attitude, Change your light.
2- Change you attitude, Change what you attract.
3- Change your belief, Change your destiny.
I am passionate about these methods for helping YOU create a life where your Dreams and Goals will materialize and be achieved.
It's less than 90-Days before the famous New Year's resolution day hits.
This report can help you with the Dreams and Goals that you want to see materialize.
You have the Light within you.
Can you feel it? There is a pilot light in your Heart that glows with your gift.
The world needs your gift and is waiting for you to believe that, "You Are The Light Of The World.
" Get the Attitude, the "Ultimate Success Attitude.
" U.
- U.
, Say it out loud.
Your Ultimate Success Attitude Is the way to light your light and let your Light Shine in 2009.
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