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Are you looking for ways to "speed up" your article writing? Is it taking you 1 - 2 hours just to write a 500 word article? If you answered yes, then this article is definitely for you.
I used to have a hard time writing articles myself.
It took me hours or even days to complete a guest post for my clients.
But after years of reflective experience in article writing, all of that's changed.
I've learned a technique or a flow of writing that helps make writing easy without compromising its quality.
It was only through my years of writing that I've been able to flesh out the techniques to make it work.
These are the things that you can do to write faster.
  • Do not edit while writing Editing blocks your ideas when you're writing.
    It cuts the flow of your thought process causing you to stop at an idea and forgetting how or what to write next.
    When you edit, you subconsciously but a limiter on your mind saying "you must be careful when writing so you won't have to edit much".
    This limiter prevents you from being creative.
    It denounces some of the ideas or suggestion that you made within your mind simply because it might be a mistake writing it.
    You have to decide whether or not it's a mistake to write or include the idea later when you edit.
    For now, in the stage of writing, you just have to do one thing...
  • Use the "Write-Like There's No tomorrow" mind-set This mindset inevitably makes your writing a lot faster.
    Why you ask? Simply because you're putting a safe level of pressure on yourself to complete the article that you're writing.
    Not imposing a certain level of pressure to yourself causes procrastination, or worse, you might even decide not to complete the writing task.
    If you give yourself this kind of pressure, you'll find that you want to write as much articles today since there won't be any tomorrow!
  • Ask yourself a lot of questions Start with the when, where, what, and how questions.
    It'll do you a lot of good to do this since your ideas will start popping-up once you ask those questions.
    Once the ideas start coming-in, continue writing (Remember DO NOT EDIT).
    Once you think you have the right length that you need, you can then edit the article to make sure it sounds cohesive and free of any grammar or spelling errors.
You should start doing these tips because it will help you finish a lot of articles in the shortest amount of time.
I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that the more productive you are, the more money comes-in.
This is especially true for ghost writers or freelance writers.
Their profit is directly proportional to their productivity.
That said, I hope this article works for you.
I urge you to share your ideas on how to write supersonic fast so we can create a list of techniques to help those that are struggling in writing.
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