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How to Stop Barking in Dogs

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    How to Stop Barking in Dogs

    • 1). Figure out why your dog is barking. Ironically, when it comes to getting a dog to stop barking, this step is usually the hardest. Since dogs cannot talk, you must use its behavior to analyze why they are barking. For example, if a dog has to answer nature’s call, he or she might bark to let their owner know they need to go outside. Barking might also be used to signal hunger, thirst or in some cases, a need for affection. With that being said, make sure your dog’s basic needs are satisfied before you begin reprimanding them. This is especially the case if they do other things to signify their desires, such as pacing, panting or scratching at the door.

    • 2). Rule out any physical causes behind your dog’s barking. If a dog is suffering from a health problem, they may bark because they are agitated at whatever pain or discomfort they might be going through. So, go on and take them to the vet to ensure they are healthy.

    • 3). Relieve your dog of its loneliness and boredom. Sometimes dogs bark because they have nothing else to do. Or, they want their owners to be around them. Now, if you’re home and available to spend time with your dog, give them the attention they desire. If not, you’re going to have to relieve your dog’s boredom in other ways: Fill your dog’s area with plenty of chew toys, bones and anything else that would be of interest to them. Also, try to keep something a bit noisy on, like a TV or a radio. This helps make the dog feel as if people are home.

    • 4). Place the dog in an area that does not show the outside. Some owners may think this is counterproductive, since many believe if a dog sees what’s going on outside they are less likely to feel bored. For some dogs this is true, but for others seeing the outside just makes them long for it that much more. That’s why it’s best to avoid the temptation by placing the dog in an enclosed area, where the windows have blinds or shades on them. Remember, if your dog has other things to do, they won’t mind such a setup.

    • 5). Use a squirt bottle. Every time your dog barks, spray water on them through a squirt bottle. For many dogs, this action scares them enough to change their behavior.

    • 6). Apply a spray-based anti-barking collar. Spray-based anti-barking collars work by squirting out Citronella every time the dog starts barking. As a result, the dog doesn’t want to bark because the Citronella produces a scent that is very annoying to them.

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