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If you want to understand why Grenada is a city that is so attractive, you just have to read the legend of Boabdil.

Boabdil was the last Moor to have ruled over Granada. In 1492, the Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, after becoming masters of Granada condemned him to exile. Upon his departure, he turned one last time to contemplate his abandoned city and began to cry. His mother told him: "Weep like a woman that you could not defend like a man."

Come to Granada and you will understand the reaction of Boabdil.

Apart from his very interesting history and most visited site in Spain - the Alhambra - Granada is also a modern city famous for its great atmosphere, its numerous tapas bars and its people who are very hospitable. The advantage of Granada is that the city lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and just 45 minutes from the Costa Tropical so you can enjoy the beaches and the ski slopes, outdoor cafes and a good number of clubs.

Visiting Grenada:

April: Holy Week

In April, all cities in Andalusia stop working to celebrate the "Semana Santa". Processions are held with tanks that support statues of the Virgin and Christ driving through the city. From a cultural point of view, the month of April is the month to come and learn Spanish in Grenada.

May: Las Cruces de Mayo

Each year during the first week of May, the people of Grenada are celebrating the "Cross of May" by singing and dancing in the streets of the city and decorating the streets and balconies with flowers of all colors.

May-June: Feria de Corpus Christi:

The Corpus Christi (Corpus) is a large bullfighting exhibition during which five are arranged.

November: Festival de Jazz de Granada

Every autumn Grenada welcomes jazz festival's most famous musicians from Europe. Concerts are held throughout the month with the presence of Spanish and international musicians.

Things to Do in Granada:

The origin of the Arab city of Grenada is still reflected today through its palaces, streets, markets and tea! Granada is filled with "Tetería" or tea bars, where you can taste many kinds of Arab teas.

Eat good tapas!

Even if "el tapas" is a national passion, Grenada remains one of the few Spanish cities where you automatically are served tapas when you order something to drink. So, order a beer, a glass of wine, or even a soda and eat olives, ham, cheese or toast!

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