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Keys to Getting Things Done

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There are three groups of people in this world.
Those that make it happen 2.
Those that wait for it to happen 3.
Those that go "what happened?!" So in the online marketing world (or anything) what are some things that differentiate those that can achieve things and conversely, those that never get things done? Here are 6 key tips: Excitement This is a key because excitement leads to taking action.
If you're not excited about something, you will not do it or struggle to do it effectively (possibly not finish it).
Ask yourself what you're passionate about.
Celebrate wins even the smallest such as obtaining your first lead.
Keep your goals exciting.
Mindset Alter your mindset from a doer to driver.
A doer starts but then gets disoriented or disinterested.
A driver gets things done.
If you need assistance, outsource tasks that aren't strengths or critical for you to be doing.
Optimize use of your time.
Value it and be a driver.
By value, for example, is your time worth $150 a hour and you need to get a whole webpage designed? If you're able to get a whole webpage designed for $20-50 on Odesk, then outsource it since it will be a good investment for you to instead spend that hour elsewhere getting more valuable things done.
Laser Communication Whether it be for marketing or instructing when outsourcing you must clearly communicate.
This is essential if you are going to utilize outsourcing.
You could waste time and something may take days if not outlined clearly.
Additionally, for things like checking your email inbox; take priorities and communicate them clearly.
Physical space It sounds stupid but make your place (or wherever you get things done) inspiring.
Make it a place to be.
No one can think clearly if surrounded by clutter.
Similarly, if a place was surrounded by junk or rubbish, would you feel ready to work? It's parallel to where if you're on public transport, you never sit in a seat if there's junk around it if there are many others available Vision and Mission This must be so meaningful to you to get things done.
One of main things that drives is mission.
This is critical to business and getting things done.
When people get in to make money with no mission, it's like getting dropped in middle of country without a map.
Mission = map.
Know what you need to do every day.
It is the central force that puts it all into motion.
And you need to really reflect on it (what do you want to contribute?).
It won't just pop up and you go "blah, that's my mission".
Every business has a mission statement Acquaintances Surround yourself with most professional and top people.
If you hang around negative people, your mindset gets affected or you become negative.
This will be detrimental to no one else except you.
Likewise, if you don't utilize the best people such as when outsourcing or partnering, it will come back to bite you.
I hope these tips have helped you with getting things done.
Now go and implement them!
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