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Struggling to Find New Customers?

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Unsure where to go to find them? Partnering, in smart ways enables you to gain a warmed-up introduction to hot prospects. Collaborate with other businesses that sell to the same kind of customers - and see your sales increase. Here are some examples.

Meet More Prospective Clients in a Positively Emotional Situation
What happens when pediatricians join forces with a pizza and burrito store manager, school principals, city health clinic director, pet and childrens' store owners, and others to better reach and serve their common base of customers: families with young children?
Together, they forged a SmartPartnership to attract more customers while spending less. They offered a highly valued, emotionally-loaded, and media-attracting service AND increased foot traffic into their stores and offices. They spearheaded the instantly popular "I Am Loved" campaign, offering free immunizations for kids on three Saturdays just before school started.
Pediatricians gave immunization shots at convenient times in a roomy, cheerful children's store with a party atmosphere, where the kids were the center of attention. Parents heard about the offer through all the participating outlets and were given free snack coupons after the kids got their shots so they could reward their children with a snack from a nearby store. Kids got "I Am Loved" stickers to wear on their shirts, thus spreading the word.
Collectively, partners were able to service more people better, with a "first ever" news-catching public service - and at less cost. In so doing, they inspired greater community and customer loyalty - all while spending less.
Band Together to Better Reach Your Mutual Market of Customers
Your "event" can happen online too, as 35 Mom Entrepreneurs discovered with their Co-op Shop. By co-promoting a single destination they attract more prospects and increase the range of products to offer their mutual market of mothers while reducing their promotional costs.
Join Forces Around a Holiday That Matters to Your Customers
Here's another success story. On a recent Valentine's Day, several neighborhood businesses -- including a women's medical clinic, florist, health food store, clothing boutique, shopper newspaper, museum store, gym, bookstore, and beauty salon -- joined forces for a month-long promotion to attract and serve women.
The bookstore hosted a series of "Beauty Inside Out" in-store demonstrations and mini-seminars, each led by a manager of one of the participating businesses and highlighting a book collection and the local partners' related products and services.
Each partner offered a handout that also included reference to at least one of the other cross-promoting organizations, plus a joint offer of services with one of them. Also each presenter wrote a guest column based on their presentation, which was featured in the shopper newspaper, with the author's follow-up offer and email noted at the bottom of the article. Of course each column author quoted others in this mutually beneficial alliance.
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