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Easy Creative Do-It Yourself Kids Room Decor

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    Walls & Curtains

    • Creative walls

      For your child's walls, a fresh color of paint can offer a world of change, and it's very easy to do. Another idea is to cut shapes out of sponges, and sponge the designs on with a different color after the walls are painted. Or, you might choose to use border, wallpaper or stencils instead. Your child may love a wall painted solely in chalkboard paint. Then he can draw whatever he desires on that wall at anytime.

      Vinyl letters are all the rage right now, and you can find really cute sayings for your child's room. To apply, you usually just have to peel the backing off of them, and then rub the letters on the wall, resulting in a trendy new piece of decor. Vinyl letters can be found online or in craft stores.

      As for curtains, you can make your own using a colorful fabric, or perhaps find inspiration in other noncurtain items. Consider cutting up a sheet, and making curtains out of that. Add some ribbon to the edge, and you have a cute, two-tone curtain. Maybe you have some old quilts or aprons that could be cut up and made into curtains. You could even take old baby clothes and cut the fabric apart to make curtains. Or, try covering a shade in a child's patterned fabric.

    Bedding & Accessories

    • Creative decor

      As for bedding, it's probably best to stick with a plain pattern, such as a plain color or simple stripes. That way, your child can pick whatever color he wants, but it will go well with his posters and other decor without creating a cluttered feel to the room. If you pick out a plain comforter, try making a pillowcase out of your child's favorite themed fabric. Of course, if you want to make the bedding even more creative and meaningful, you could make a quilt out of your child's old baby clothes.

      Try hanging matching shelves on the walls for small toys and knickknacks. Even the storage can look decorative. Go to any dollar store and pick up some fabric boxes to hold your child's things. You could try a resale shop and pick up an old dresser. Paint the dresser in the desired color, and stencil designs on the front to match it to her room.

      Your child may want a cork board to hang his drawings and masterpieces on, but it doesn't have to be just a plain cork board. Stencil paint on that cork board, and make it go with any theme, or cover it in fabric and stick it in a frame for added protection.

      Take pictures of characters, animals or anything else your child loves, blow them up, and put them in frames to mount on his wall. You could even use her own works of art to decorate her walls. Real Simple magazine suggests blowing up a picture, then cutting it apart to put in the same size frames. This adds a touch of creativity to any wall. They also suggest, for a girl's room, taking a tutu and wrapping it around a kitchen stool to make a clever side table.

      If your child is into trains, build a train track that suspends from the ceiling all around the top of his walls, and put a remote-control train up there that he can turn on and off at will.

      Whatever you choose to do in your child's room, realize the potential in everyday items you already have; maybe you could add a spark of flair by just adding something to them. Be creative, and there are no boundaries to what you can do.

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