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Is There Such Thing as Isagenix Scam? A Complete Review of the MLM

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You're reading this, probably because you've heard of the Isagenix scam and you seek to find out if it really is a scam; or maybe because you're considering joining the MLM and you want to be sure that you are not opting into a scam that could end up wasting your time and money. Herein, you will find all you need to know about Isagenix and their MLM strategy.

About Isagenix

Isagenix is a wellness and health company that offers a variety of products for cleansing, replenishing and revitalizing the body. Isagenix offers a full line of skin care solutions and nutrition products, anti-aging products, weight loss products and healthy snacks, just to name a few. Their main product is Isagenix cleansing and fat burning system.

So, why are there Isagenix scam allegations?

As shall be discussed below, the Isagenix direct sales strategy requires lots of hard work and the rewards are equally huge. Most people join the MLM with high expectations of quick cash from Isagenix's attractive compensation plan, only to be disappointed when they realize that they have to inject a good deal of effort in order to make any significant earnings. It is these lazy failures that paint a bad picture of Isagenix by dismissing it as a mere scam. If you're ready to work hard, then you will bear witness that there's no such thing as Isagenix scam.

Why Isagenix is not a scam

The success and credibility of an MLM is usually defined by a number of factors. Of great importance are leadership, products and its compensation plan. Isagenix was founded by John Anderson, Jim and Kathy back in 2002. The three have a direct sales network marketing track record, so you can expect the best out of their leadership. As you would expect with any other health and wellness products, especially weight loss products, their products are very popular and marketable as well. Even with just these two factors, chances of an Isagenix scam are obviously slim.

Isagenix compensation plan

As with most MLMs in the health and wellness industry, Isagenix makes use of a binary team compensation plan. You will have a right and left sales force (commonly referred to as legs). This way, you will be entitled to commissions on your legs' business.

When you enroll into the Isagenix program, you can make money in several ways. The major way in which you can make money is through retail profits. Upon purchase of the introduction pack, you can begin purchasing Isagenix products at a wholesale price and sell them at a retail price, earning you retail profits. This is certainly no Isagenix scam. It's just like any other retail business!

You can also make money by enrolling associates with Isagenix. This is usually in form of an instant $10 bonus for every sign up and $100 for every one of your associates who signs up and buys the introduction pack immediately. There is also a guaranteed team commission which is half the team's total business volume. Other ways are such as matching check bonuses which are meant to encourage teamwork in order to grow the business, autoship rewards and incentives.

From such a compensation plan, I believe there is no doubt that an Isagenix scam is non-existent. What is evident, though, is that you really have to work hard if you're going to get anything off this attractive compensation plan.
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