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How to Use SEO on a Tight Budget and Still Achieve Success

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How to SEO is a big question that newbie's and experienced Internet Marketers will face.
SEO means search engine optimization.
In English it means doing many things that search engines like to make them put you on the first page for a specific search term.
The more competitive the search term, the harder it will be to get to the first page for the search term.
I call it search term, but it is known as the keyword phrase.
For you to learn how to SEO, it will require knowledge of SEO and patience.
There are two forms of search engine optimization.
There is on page and off page optimization.
Before you go and build your beautiful informative webpage you want to know what you're building it for.
The first part of selecting what to target is to do niche research.
Niche research is picking the direction of category that you will be targeting.
Take for example, my niche is affiliate marketing.
Deeper into my niche I target SEO.
SEO by itself is too competitive to start off with a page rank zero site.
So I found a less competitive keyword inside of SEO.
The less competitive keyword is how to SEO.
That is why you see this term in bold spread throughout the article.
Picking one single keyword is going to make it a lot easier for you to focus on getting your website to front page of search engines.
So my niche is affiliate marketing, and sub niche is SEO.
The actual keyword is the how to SEO.
To make a final selection on your keyword you want to know all the statistics about it.
You want to know the search volume on monthly basis.
You want to know the competing websites targeting that specific term.
Don't worry I will explain how to do that.
To look at most of the pertinent data go to Google's free keyword tool.
You can find it if you have never heard of it by typing in Google keyword tool into Google search.
Once you have the tool up look for a broad term in the search box.
If your niche was dogs than look up dogs.
If you know your sub niche is dog training than type in that to get more specific results.
Once you have your term look at the search volumes and the competitive bar.
If it is high competition that does not mean you should avoid it.
High competition means there is some money to be made in that area.
Now open up your Browser Firefox and make sure your SEO quake plug-in is on.
First type in your search term without quotes and take a detailed look of your competition on the first page.
With SEO quake you have the ability to look and see the page rank of all the sites on one screen.
If you see nothing but page ranks six and seven, back away.
Page rank starts at zero as lowest and goes up to ten.
Ten is Google and zero is your brand new site.
The sites that you want to see on the front page are article sites, or video sites, even social bookmarking sites.
So if you see an ezine, YouTube or Facebook that is a good sign.
If you see nothing but massive content sites that were built over years of work, bad sign.
Once you find that term that has at least three thousand searches per month and has competition that you want to battle, it's time to build your website.
Hope this article on how to SEO was helpful.
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