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The Course Of Ensuring Vibrating Screen Work Stably

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When entered into summer day, the high temperature turn out to be the hidden danger of affecting oscillating screen machine normally function. The temperature of common oscillating screen machine operating environment just isn"t exceed 40 degrees celsius. So within the course of operating oscillating screen equipment, we not just must contemplate production, but additionally need to know the bearing degree of oscillating scree. We can do some preparatory work to made the oscillating screen machine can run better. When the oscillating screen equipment operating outside, we ought to construct sunproof sieve or sail. Lengthy time sun exposure would make the machine easy towards the old and aging, will make the complete vibration screening equipment temperature rise too high, and will not perform, affecting the efficiency and top quality of screening, will also lead to serious oscillating screen machine elements (like: vibration motor) harm. Vibration motor temperature is the temperature the actual heat of each and every component of oscillating screen, it has large impact on the insulation material of the vibration motor. If the temperature is too high will make the insulation material aging and shorten the motor life, and also lead to breakdown. In order to stay away from aging and harm the insulation, you are able to make an irregular temperature limit on motor windings as well as other parts of the oscillating screen, the temperature limit will be the allowable temperature of the vibration motor. The vibrating screen surface produce a certain frequency and amplitude by using exciting force, so the material on the oscillating screen surface moves continuously and uniformly. In the course of oscillating screen working, the speed of exciter device will be slow down and the oscillating screen bearing will be heat. If the oscillating screen bearing appear heat phenomenon, the operators should check and repair to ensure the oscillating screen work stably and high efficiently. There are two symmetrical eccentric block structure on the oscillating screen machine to rotate with high speed. After long time use, the eccentric block will fall off or with different size. This will cause abnormal rotate speed and oscillating screen bearing heat. At this time, the users should replace the eccentric block structure to ensure rotation balance and oscillating screen bearing operate normally. The oscillating screen bearing is easy to heat up after the machine long time rotate with high speed. Sometimes, when the oscillating screen bearing lack of lubrication oil or the oil not meet the standard, the oscillating screen blockage will appear friction and the temperature of machine will exceed the prescribed limit. Check the lubrication system regularly is necessary in the course of oscillating screen machine at work. Hxjq oscillating screen equipped with high quality bearings, if you are intersected in our products, please contact us.The article is provided by Hongxing company,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machineryPrimary jaw crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.Stone crushing planthttp://www.hxjqchina.com/n26.html
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