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Airplane Themes for a Nursery

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    Vintage Airplanes

    • A vintage airplane theme can bring in history and the mystery of the past to a new baby's room. Old photographs can be framed and hung on the walls. Small model airplanes can be suspended from the ceiling and any variety of colors can be used. The olive green of old war-time airplanes can form the basis for the color scheme. It will complement a sky blue and white for the ceiling and upper walls. This will produce a more traditional, classic nursery.

    Cartoon Airplanes

    • A fun version of this theme is to make the nursery into a cartoon space. A large mural of a colorful airplanes can be painted on the main nursery wall. There are also removable adhesives that can perform the same job if painting is not ideal. Toy airplanes can be suspended from the ceiling and placed throughout the room. Bright, primary colors will reinforce the playful atmosphere of this airplane themed room.

    Disney and Airplanes

    • There are many Disney characters that have been pictured in airplanes or created as as airplane related toys. Dumbo, as an example, is famous for being able to fly due to his enormous ears. This could tie in well to an airplane theme. Any number of other characters could be used to decorate with this theme as well. Toys can be tastefully placed throughout the nursery and large decals can be placed on the walls to make the space bright and colorful. This is a theme that could be used for either gender.

    Sky-themed Nursery

    • A medley of machines and naturally occurring objects in the sky could also create an interesting airplane theme for a nursery. A combination of airplanes, hot air balloons, kites, helicopters, clouds and rainbows can create a fun, playful space for a baby to grow. Either gender could have fun with this theme . An obsession with flight may cultivate with this theme.

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