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Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company (Part 1 of 4)

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The process of choosing the best network marketing company can be a daunting one, still if you keep the fundamentals a priority it actually becomes quite simple.
What do I mean by fundamentals? The first that I will cover in this article may seem very basic but is without a doubt the most important that one should look at when deciding to build your business.
The financial commitment AND capabilities behind the founders of your company are crucial when deciding to get involved.
Do they have the capital to see the vision into reality? Most firms start with some seed money, develop a product, recruit some industry "vets" and hope for the best.
Having a substantial financial commitment from the founders and even external investors is extremely important.
The vast number of problems that can arise from starting and trying to grow a new company that leverages network marketing for distribution can end a venture virtually overnight.
A strong commitment from the leaders and owners to see the company through to success is not enough.
The money to go the distance needs to be there.
First question you should ask yourself is do I have the answers on where, how and how much capital has gone to fund my mlm company.
Have the owners self funded? Is the capital leveraged in way that can put long intermediate and long term growth at risk? Is the capital leveraged in a way that in going to force "corporate" to push growth too fast? Are there outside investors that may not see the true vision of the founders or distributors.
These questions need to be asked and if your company is unwilling to answer them, that should signal a red flag.
In the day and age we live in transparency is a term that get's thrown around a lot but few firms have yet to truly embrace it as a culture.
Capital isn't everything but it will kill a start-up MLM really quick even if the product and people are great.
Part 2 coming soon...
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