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How to Hang Pictures on a Mirrored Wall

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    • 1). Estimate the weight of the picture you wish to hang on the mirrored wall. Most adhesive picture hangers can hang up to 5 pounds. Purchase a picture hanger that will hold the weight of your picture. If your picture weighs more than 5 pounds, you can still hang it if you use more than one adhesive hanger.

    • 2). Determine the point where you wish to hang the picture on the mirrored wall. Measure up from the wall 57 inches with the tape measure at this location, and place a small piece of painter’s tape at this point.

    • 3). Find the vertical center of the picture by measuring the height and dividing by two. The vertical center of the picture should go at the 57-inch point you marked with the painter’s tape.

    • 4). Examine the back of the picture to determine the hanging point -- a wire stretching across the back of the picture, for example. Measure the distance between the vertical center and the hanging point. Measure this distance from the painter’s tape on the mirrored wall. This is the point on the wall where you must install the adhesive picture hanger.

    • 5). Remove the backing from one side of the picture hanger adhesive, and press it to the back of the picture hanger. Remove the other side of the hanger adhesive, and press it to the wall at the point where you placed the second piece of painter’s tape.

    • 6). Hang the picture on the picture hanger.

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