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Methods Of Self Improvement

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I wanted to talk to you about methods of self improvement. There are a lot of people out there that live a life of mediocrity. They practically do the same thin everyday, hang out with the same people, work at the same job and that's all their life consists of. At some point you're going to ask if there is a little more to life than the same old thing. There's a point where you're going to want to take more risks, take on more challenges and do things you've never done before. This is what self improvement is designed to help you with. I'm going to share with you some methods of self improvement that you can use to better yourself. When I first heard of the concept of goal setting, I thought it was stupid. I thought to myself 'how can writing down a goal really help me?' Well, I learned why. Most of us get that feeling that we aren't living our life. We know that we should be doing something else and taking more risks, but we never know with what. We sort of get wrapped up with the problems of life that we forget what we want. Writing it down is the first step in a journey to create the goal. It's the first ACTION on the journey, so to something better. Another one of my methods of self improvement is to limit our list of goals. You'll come up with a lot of things that you want to do, but creating the list doesn't get you anywhere. You eventually have to act. This is why it's important to limit the list. When it gets full, you'll have to complete something on the list to add another goal. Again this all seems sort of stupid from a logical point of view, but it just helps you mentally do things.
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