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Benefits of Teaching English As a Second Language

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Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) has numerous benefits including traveling the world, advancing your career prospects, experiencing a new culture, a lighter work load with a good quality of life and this is just the beginning. English is widely recognized as the universal language of communication, whether in business or as a national language for most countries. It is for this reason why English is taught in schools across the globe as a second language. There are diverse benefits of teaching ESL and it is worth considering as an educator who wants to advance their career prospects or as a traveler who wants to get out and see the world.

Travel the world doing what you love

If you are an educator you probably know that few chances come by to travel around while still teaching. Opting to teach English as a second language in a foreign country allows you to live the best of both worlds. Most people love traveling, but few can travel as often as they want to or stay at their desired destination for long periods. As an English teacher in your preferred destination, you will be able to enjoy the benefit of working in an exotic location while earning a living to enable you to stay at that location for as long as you desire. It is, however, important to remember that a TEFL certificate can sometimes be required to teach English.

Advance your career prospects

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for work or already an educator looking for new challenges; teaching English as a second language is a good way to advance your career prospects. Being able to adapt and work in a different environment, exercise your confidence as a teacher in different scenarios and shape your teamwork skills further are some of the aspects you can expect to shine through your CV after teaching English in a foreign country. Social integration, multi-tasking and handling a classroom are other skills that you will pick up from the experience which are transferable in diverse careers.

Experience a new culture

There are equally few chances for most people to get immersed in a different culture and learn new things from a different point of view. Another benefit of teaching English as a second language is the opportunity to experience a different culture. Teaching English in a foreign country as a personal tutor particularly gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a different culture and learn while at the same time imparting knowledge.

Work part time

Most English teachers in foreign counties teach English for an average of 4 hours daily when employed in schools. This leaves them with enough time to develop their hobbies and skills as well as to explore the country further as tourists. It is particularly a good opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to develop their art or writing skills.

High remuneration

One of the benefits of teaching English as a second language, which is often attractive to most people, is the remuneration aspect. Teaching English in a foreign country pays highly and in most cases the cost of living is relatively low which comes as an added benefit. This enables you to save up towards clearing student loans or any other financial related future goals you might have.

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