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Curtain Ideas for 46x24 Rectangular Windows

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    • Finding the ideal curtains for some windows, especially odd-shaped windows, can seem almost impossible. One way to find the right curtain is to make one yourself or ask a friend who knows how to sew to make them. No matter what the shape and size of your window, different options are always available. You can even find just the right curtains for long, skinny windows or rectangular windows.


    • Hang a valance in your rectangular window. A valance is a short curtain that hangs down about one-third of the window, which in the case of a 24-inch long window would be about 8 inches. Of course, you can adjust the length so that you like the way it looks on your window. For a 46-inch wide window, you can either make the valance one long curtain, or make it in two shorter lengths for easier handling when hanging, washing or ironing. You can always reverse the measurements if your window is 46 inches long and 24 inches wide. Use the same formula of one-third the length to figure out a good length for your valances. A valance works well with windows that are set up high in the wall or windows where privacy is not an issue.

    Cafe Style

    • A cafe style curtain actually has two different curtain pieces: a valance for the top and a shorter curtain for the bottom half of the window, which works especially well with a 46-inch long window. Create the valance for the top, and make another curtain that covers up the lower half of the window. You will need to hang two separate curtain rods. Using plain curtain rods works best instead of fancier rods with filial ends. Cafe style curtain give you a little more privacy than just a valance and also gives you the option of closing the lower half of the curtains or leaving them open.


    • Make traditional style curtains, but use a semi-opaque fabric. This type of fabric gives the homeowner the best of both worlds. The windows have curtains hanging in them, but the fabric allows for light to shine through while still providing the necessary privacy for your family. The semi-opaque fabric works well in rooms where you want a lot of sunlight, such as the kitchen or family room, but probably not for the bedrooms. Make basic curtain panels, and hang them with a traditional rod. These are good curtains to use with decorative rods that add to the decor of your home.

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