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Using Desktop Lightning to Email your Ads for Free

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Desktop Lightning - Email Your Ads for Free

Whenever I review ways of advertising or driving traffic on the internet, it repeatedly comes up that Email Marketing is one of the most profitable ways in which to advertise your website or products.  Here is a way you can Email your ads for free.

There are many ways in which you can email your ads for free on the net.  There are endless programs that you can buy your way into and send out Emails on a regular basis.  Some of these programs are free, but the free ones never seem to work as well as the paid methods.  The only problem with this method of Email Marketing is that most of the participants on the lists are other marketers that are also trying to drive traffic to their own sites.  Thus your copy writing has to be brilliant to convince them to visit your site or take a look at your offer.

The best and most profitable way to Email your Ads for free it seems, is to build your own list of people who were genuinely interested in what you have to offer.  This way of course takes a lot of time and money, and what would you do in the mean time to build up your list of prospects.  Well I have finally found the next best thing.

Desktop Lightning is a free to join program and it works better than all of the other Email programs that I have tried.  You simply sign up, load up the software, which sits unobtrusively on your desktop and start to email your ads.  You can join up as a free member and simply refer others to build your list, or for a minimal amount you can upgrade to premium and get to advertise to 2000 or more members on each mailing.  

The reason that this email your ads for free program works so well, is that the advertisements that you send pop up on the screens of the recipients, rather than in their spam folders, and desktop lightning offers them credits to read their Emails.  The other reason that the program works so well is that you never get more than one or two Emails to read a day and in this way the advertising is more memorable.

The best thing you can do is try out this program for yourself.  As a free member you will be allowed to advertise to your downline and up to fifty other random members.  As a premium member, you can advertise to more and more each month, as well as your downline and 50 extra members just for reading your mail.  You also get to use html code in your adverts, add graphics and fancy fonts and of course colour.  Heck you can even send banner ads.

As a relatively new internet marketer, who hasn’t had a load of time to build a personal list, this is the best form of low cost or free advertising that I have come across to date.  Try it and see for yourself, as you have nothing to loose, apart from the few seconds it will take you to download the software and email your ad for free.

Visit:  http://www.DesktopLightning.com/MichelMaling now for further details.
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