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How do I Repair Winch Cables With Wire Cable Clamps?

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    • 1). Flip the winch directional switch to neutral. Pull the cable out of the winch until you expose the damaged section of the cable.

    • 2). Cut the damaged length of cable away from the winch with a pair of cable cutters. Remove the hook from the end of the damaged cable with an open end wrench.

    • 3). Form a double-back loop of 7 1/2 inches of cable. Set a thimble in the formed loop. Squeeze the doubled section of cable to tighten it against the thimble.

    • 4). Loosen the two hex nuts--holding the saddle to the U-bolt--from each cable clamp. Slide one U-bolt over the short end of the cable. Slide a saddle onto the U-bolt. Thread one hex nut onto each leg of the U-bolt. Push the assembly tight to the end of the thimble. Tighten each nut to the specified torque with a socket attached to a torque wrench.

    • 5). Secure a second cable clamp one inch in from the short end of the cable using the methods described for the first cable clamp. Install a third cable clamp midway between the two installed clamps if you are repairing 3/8-inch cable.

    • 6). Attach the hook to the repaired end of the cable with an open end wrench.

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