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An Unbiased Third Party Qivana Review - Real Deal Or Hype?

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If you're reading this review, chances are you're looking for some information on Qivana.
In this simple third party review, I'll cover the company, it's business opportunity and what you need to do to position yourself to have success if you join the company.
Qivana is a relatively new company that sells nutritional products through a network marketing business model.
The company is based in Provo, Utah and has a solid management team.
The company is led by the five co-founders, who each have impressive backgrounds in business.
In fact, each of the co-founders have held executive positions at other network marketing companies like Tahitian Noni International, Xango, Nature's Way, NuSkin and VM Direct.
Qivana sells two separate and distinct product lines.
The first product line is called the Qore System.
This system is made up of natural products that are designed to support your immune system amd enhance your energy levels.
The second product line is called the Metaboliq System.
This system is made up of products that are designed to help you lose weight and support your metabolism.
It's also interesting to note that Qivana's products were developed by Qivana's Advisory Board, which is led by Dr.
Marcus Laux.
Laux is a well-known and decorated expert in the field who has been on several television shows and documented in several publications and newsletters.
As far as Qivana's business opportunity is concerned, you can become a distributor by paying an initial start-up and then maintaining a monthly autoship.
There are a few different ways to get paid and the compensation plan is a binary model.
All in all, there seems to be a fair balance of upfront income potential and residual income potential, which is great for distributors.
In closing, Qivana is a credible company that offers a solid business opportunity.
However, this alone will not make you successful.
Pitching your friends and family will only take you so far.
And prospecting complete strangers will yield you extremely minimal results.
This is why it's extremely important to your success that you learn proper marketing techniques that will enable you to generate a steady flow of qualified leads.
Without qualified leads for your business, you have little to no chance of succeeding.
With that said, if you use an attraction marketing system that can help you generate more leads than you could actually get to, there's telling how successful you can be with your Qivana business.
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