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Jemandem blauen Dunst vormachen

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Meaning:To pull someone’s leg, to throw dust in someone’s eyes.

Literal Meaning: To display blue mist in front of someone

Think of a relative who had just come back from a fishing trip and exaggerates greatly the struggle of reeling in the largest fish anybody has ever caught About him you would say: „Der macht uns doch nur blauen Dunst vor mit seinen aufregenden Geschichten.“ (He’s just throwing dust in our eyes with these exciting stories of his.)

Use it when: Somebody is greatly exaggerating or lying to you.

History: This expression stems from back in the time when magicians did not use all the sophisticated, scientific methods to conceal their tricks and illusions which they have today. Instead magicians would momentarily use a blue cloud of mist to distract and conceal their tricks from their audience.

Similar Phrases:
jemanden täuschen, belügen (to trick, lie to someone) Jemandem Wind vormachen. (this expression is used less often)
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