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One Screen + One Software = Excellent News Distribution on Campus

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Cluttered Notice boards? Piles of paper? Often schools and education facilities are swamped with walls that have student messages, faculty communication, news and other important information. However trying to catch the gen Y's attention can be tricky at the best of times. The answer: digital signage displays in high traffic locations.

Digital signage is the easiest type of broadcast medium to update: you simply select your media, create a timetable and press distribute. Some examples of notices that need immediate or timely delivery are€¦

- Emergency procedures: these can be outlined ahead of time so that staff and students are prepared for what to do in the case of an eme rgency.

- Sports events: often sports only gets reviewed in print media which doesn't catch the attention of the target audience. However by employing digital signage you can show replays of the best movements, interviews with the players, and promote the coming events to the campus population and visitors.

- Theater: the drama department often look for ways to endorse new plays or performing arts features. The digital signage application is excellent for this as it closely resembles an internal television system.

- Charity: promote raffles, fun days, or other charitable causes for no cost to large audiences.

- Second hand books and property sales: this relevant information for the students can save them hundreds of dollars a year and will cost the university almost nothing to promote.

- Local businesses: to cover costs and raise more money for the school local businesses can promote products to very specific and targeted audiences.

- Cafeteria: advertisements can be scheduled to coincide with meal times and promote daily specials to students at the right time of day and drive more business for the cafes and dining halls on campus.

These are just some examples of the uses for digital signage in your educational institution. The platform features fast and easy to use software that can be operated from any remote location. Find out more about how to get digital signage for your educational facility.

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