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How to Help Your Dog Get Used to Your Newborn Baby With Dog Clicker Training

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How to help Your dog get used to your newborn baby and your young children? There is not more exciting or significant time in your dog's life than the puppy years.
They are filled with a mischievous wonder and awe-inspiring cuteness and as you and your new friend enter into a lifetime of companionship and friendship, you will be building great memories.
It's time to get your camera! If you've decided that you want a puppy, remember that, Junior are very cute and cuddly and small, but will grow up to be large adult dog.
Which puppy is best for you? To be honest with you, this is a question most people don't stop to think about, but should.
Most of the time when people think of getting a dog, they think about getting a puppy.
They think of the cute ball of fluff running around the house making the family laugh.
But think about it.
Do you really want a puppy? Is a puppy the best fit with your family? Having a puppy is like having two years old in the house.
They get into everything and they use their mouth to explore.
That's important that you puppy-proof your home and eliminate any dangerous or tempting items that could cause your dog harm.
If you have children, teach them ahead of time how to behave when the new puppy arrives.
Puppy and children can be the very best friends, or they can terrify each other.
We all know that, it is natural for puppies to jump up, mouth everything with needle teeth and bowl into little ones hard enough to knock them down.
This can cause your children to make loud noises, run, and flail their hands and not always understand how to be gentle.
Also, this kind behavior can cause your puppy to be afraid of your children.
No matter how well you think that you've puppy-proofed your home, your puppy will find the one thing that you've missed.
It's hard to be predicting everything the puppy will get into to, but do your best to minimize the damage.
Always keep eye on the new arrival.
Owners make the mistake of letting their puppies of lead outside during the first weeks together.
Very young ones are likely to follow you around loyally.
But this stage will disappear overnight.
Set your puppy up for success right from the start with dog clicker training? Dog clicker training is the use of a small clicker to train a dog through positive reinforcement to act in certain ways.
The clicker gives a trainer a very precise way of letting an animal know when they have done a desired behavior.
It is a method that enables a trainer to train or guide an animal by positive reinforcement, rather than through punishment or correction.
First thing do in clicker training is to make the link in your dog's mind between the click and the reward.
Use easy to eat, desirable treats such as small pieces of chicken or liver cake.
Sound the clicker once and immediately give the treat.
Repeat the click and treat several times until the dog starts to look for the treat after each click.
Some dogs catch on quicker than others - but don't worry, all dogs learn at different rates.
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