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Home-Based-Businesses - A Myth Or Is Anyone Out There Really Making Money Doing Them?

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All of us know that only a nut would not want to make money from their home, right? So when you see the internet ads that promise over $40,000+ a month from the comfort of your own home with your computer, you ask, "Is that even possible?".
Most of us aren't doing that and it is really hard to believe anyone else is either, right? Is anyone actually doing that? Of course there are! But one thing is for certain, they aren't doing it in two hours a day like the sales pages say and they most likely have been at it for a very long time.
A long time on the internet is over two years by the way.
Considering most business models that you check out in the traditional sense, it takes that long to really get one up and making money.
how do you get in on some of this cash? First you have to know, YOU - Y O U - are in reality not going to make that kind of cash.
(We are still talking about the $40,000+ a month here.
) You are not them, and they most likely don't make it constantly either.
And if you are like me, that doesn't even sound realistic.
Sounds really nice, just not really possible, right? Most of us would like to make 1/10th of that much cash a month, correct? That's over $50,000 a year and I could live with that.
(That is especially true if I am making it without leaving my home!) And therein lies the crusade that we are all on.
We want to ditch that boss, that miserable drive to work, and get up two hours or so later, am I right? And then top it off by working in our happy clothes...
I am not trying to smash your hopes here.
If you want $40,000 + a month, heck,...
GO FOR IT!!! But, being just a bit more realistic for a moment.
If you could make the $4-5,000 a month, doing ONE BUSINESS, couldn't you probably engage in another one to make more? REMEMBER, we are discussing WORKING FROM YOUR HOME HERE! Not going out and driving to a workplace with thousands of other lunatics who also don't want to be going to work and then doing it over that evening...
What I have been doing to make this thing take off is working my rear end off! I usually begin about 9:00 AM in my office and work on article submission all day.
Typically I will shut it down around 6:00-7:00 PM.
In that time.
I am looking for new forums to submit to, typing articles and looking at other authors submissions.
There are a ton of great ideas floating around in here! If you truly want to make a living on the internet by being an affiliate, an article writer, publishing a blog,...
you are going to have to get to it and put in some serious time and effort! But you know what? You have to keep in mind that you are working at home! There truly is no expense involved.
You do not drive anywhere, you do not have to get dressed up (or worse yet wear a uniform someone else thinks looks "cool"), or any of that stuff! I currently put a lot of time into it, but that will occur with any endeavor that is going to provide you with a bunch of cash.
I don't know it will ever go on "Auto Pilot" as they say, but I can see only working a couple of hours a day in the near future.
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