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Protecting your computer from unauthorized usage – use a keylogger

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Computer protection from unauthorized usage is increasingly becoming important. May be you have children who you suspect are using the computer at home to access information that is not suitable for them. Perhaps, you may want to monitor what employees do using computers of your company. A Keylogger is a program that can be run invisibly in a computer. It records what computer user's type on the keyboard. As such, you can use this software to record everything that employees or children do while you are away.

A Keylogger creates an invisible log file that tracks everything done on a computer. It store all keystrokes, visited URLs, chats, emails, work duration in different applications, programs that the user run on a computer and saving functions on the screenshots among other information. You can also browse captured snapshot as slide shows later. The report of all activities performed on a computer can be availed to you as an email from any location. This implies that you will be able to view statistics of various activities performed on the computer such as emails, application and internet usage wherever you are. Parents and employers are now able to monitor how their PCs are being used from any location.

Currently, there is a USB keylogger also available. Using this version, it is possible to capture all strokes done on the keyboard in discretion as long as keylogger is inserted between the keyboard and the computer. This version of keylogger has a 2MB memory space capable of saving high amount of strokes. Using it is easy and you do not require professional IT expertise. In addition, there is no software required for this keylogger to function. It can be plugged in any keyboard. USB keylogger is available in three variations. These are the one designed to target corporate people, home and forensic keylogger.  

Parents and employers are among the users who are capable of getting the most benefits from this software. It enables employers to ensure security at the office preventing fraud that may be taking place through employees. Using this software, employers can also monitor productivity of employees. An employer can use it to capture any unauthorized internet usage and how assigned tasks are executed. When employees start noticing that they are being monitored, they concentrate on important activities of the company which increases productivity.

Parents are also able to monitor activities that their children engage in when they visit chat rooms. It is also possible to know the information your children get through emails. This is very important considering the danger posed to children today by the internet. In addition, if you want to back up your data you can use this software. This can save you or the company huge amount of money in the event of the system failure. Keylogger is also very important when it comes to investigations. Crucial information sent and received through a computer can be retrieved if it has this software. Such information can be used as evidence in prosecuting an individual involved in a crime. Generally, there are very many benefits that can be derived from the use of keylogger in protecting a computer from unauthorized usage.
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