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How to Research Mineral Rights Ownership in Ohio

It is not overly difficult to research the ownership of mineral rights for specific properties in Ohio. In fact, for the most part, the ownership records of Ohio mineral rights are usually found in the offices of one of the 88 county recorders in Ohio. Regardless of whether the Ohio mineral rights

How to Obtain a Birth Certificate From Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Due to recurring incidents of identity theft involving birth certificates from Puerto Rico, new laws require the issuance of more secure certificates. Birth certificates obtained prior to July 1, 2010, are no longer valid and should be replaced with the updated version. Records of births in the muni

Can an Employee Refuse a Demotion?

While you certainly have the right to refuse a demotion, if you do so, you could lose your job altogether. Most states allow businesses and employees to engage in “at-will” employment agreements, which means a company can fire or demote an employee at-will or without cause, as long as th

Information About Being a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives an individual the legal right to conduct certain acts on the behalf of another person regarding business transactions, legal dealings and other issues as spelled out in writing. There are two parties to the power of attorney--the principal is the pe

How to Defeat Blot on Mickey Mote Junk for "Epic Mickey"

"Epic Mickey" is an action-adventure game for the Nintendo Wii. As Mickey Mouse, players are sent to an alternative world known as Wasteland, a place filled with Disney's forgotten creative efforts. Mickey uses paint and paint thinner to change the world for the better. The Shadow Blot is

Criminal Trespassing Vs. Civil Trespassing

We've all seen the signs reading "NO TRESPASSING." We do not, however, know the type of trespassing the signs reference. There are criminal forms of trespassing and civil forms of trespassing, and the punishments for each differ. If you face a civil claim, you stand to lose money. On the other h

How to Reserve Mineral Rights

If you are selling land which contains minerals such as oil, gas and coal, you may want to hold onto the mineral rights and just sell the surface rights. Most U.S. states allow surface rights to be separated from mineral rights in a sale of land and property. Reserving mineral rights means the owner

How to Quickly Apply for Copy of Birth Certificate

In the old days, applying for a certified copy of a birth certificate was an onerous prerequisite to getting a passport or otherwise proving one's identity. One might get stymied by having to identify the county of one's birth or tracking down the snail mail address of the Department of Vital Recor

What Are 1099 Tax Forms?

The Internal Revenue Service uses Series 1099 forms to gather information about individual taxpayers. There are numerous types of 1099 forms, but the purpose of them is the same: to provide information so the IRS can review your tax return. Among the most common 1099 forms are forms that show amount

Information on Adding the Father to a Birth Certificate

For a married couple, the husband is listed on the birth certificate as the child's father. If the mother is not married when the child is born, the birth certificate may be amended to include the father's name after paternity is established.

Do Banks Notarize Documents?

A notary public acts as a signing agent, or a person authorized to witness the signatures on various kinds of legal documents, including mortgage loan documents. Most banks offer notary services to regular customers during normal banking hours, as another way to provide personalized customer service

How to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Maine

Vital records, such as a birth certificate, are important pieces of documentation. A birth certificate often is required for employment, social services, marriage, obtaining a valid identification for the first time and many other reasons. Obtaining a certified copy of a birth certificate in Maine v

Nevada Gambling Laws

Learn the laws for gambling in Nevada.gambling image by MateiA from Fotolia.comFrom the architecturally magnificent hotels to the professionally operated casinos, Nevada plays an important role in the gaming culture of America. The Christian Research Institute describes gambling as...

How to Order a Texas Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is an important document that may be required at different points during your life. Replacing it used to involve long waits or the hassle of traveling to the town of your birth. Like many other states, however, Texas has made the process much easier and offers options such as

How to Know If You're at Risk for an IRS Audit

The audit is the most dreaded tool of the Internal Revenue Service and is a word that many fear and loathe more than almost any other. This is due to the fact that receiving an audit from the IRS is a process that can be very unpleasant. There are, however, risk factors that can help you to know if

How to Find Out About Complaints on Attorneys

Finding complaints about attorneys requires a mass database frequently updated and respected by users. The Better Business Bureau has established high standards for businesses who want to be members and also provides a well-organized platform for the public to complain about business professionals a

What Documents Are Needed for a State ID in Illinois?

Every resident of the state of Illinois is eligible for a state identification card. The Illinois identification card has the same proof of identity requirements as an Illinois driver's license. Illinois issues four types of state identification cards; an under 65 ID, a senior ID for persons over th

Death Certificate Rules

A death certificate is legal proof of a person's death. A death certificate is issued after a death by the attending physician. It is considered vital because it is required to claim insurance proceeds, and for settling property and other inheritances. It is also useful because it enables...

What Is the Difference Between a Robbery & a Burglary?

People often use the terms robbery and burglary interchangeably, but legally they denote different types of crimes. Robbery involves the use of force or intimidation in taking property from a victim, while burglary involves entering a residence or property. The crimes have very different legal featu