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HIV Rights-Based Challenges

A human rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS has become essential for organizations working toward prevention and treatment worldwide. This is due to the substantial challenges of the stigma and discrimination that often accompany the disease.

HIV Hotlines and Agencies

Here is a collection of HIV hotlines and agencies. These HIV agencies are a wealth of information for anyone living with or affected by HIV.

Entry Inhibitors

The newest class of HIV medication is the class called entry inhibitors. The drugs Maraviroc and Fuzeon are included in the class.

Viability of HIV-1 in Syringes

Failure to implement needle exchange programs in the United States has had dire consequences, resulting in an estimated 10,000-20,00 HIV infections per year.

The Durban Declaration

AIDS in Africa continues to be a worldwide problem. The Durban Declaration looks at HIV and AIDS and how they are connected to AIDS in Africa.

Specialists More Likely to Recommend Appropriate Therapy

Generalist physicians and those with little experience caring for HIV/AIDS patients need expert advice for the increasingly complex process of treating such patients, suggest the results of a survey of physicians in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.