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iPod Wall Charger Specs

When you purchase your iPod, a USB cord is included in the box. This cord can connect to your computer and charge the iPod. However, you cannot always have you computer available and may need to charge it through the wall outlet. Therefore, Apple has provided a USB wall charger for the iPod.

How to Sync Two iPad Computers

The iPad marries the functionality of an iPhone's applications with the large screen commonly found in net book computers. You can sync two iPads together so that they can share photos stored on one of them by using an application (or "app") that can synchronize the two together and transfer the pho

How to Change the Setting for the Text Messaging Fonts on an iPhone

The iPhone's text messaging feature allows users to send and receive messages from an icon on the home screen. The font style is set to a default type and cannot be changed. You can make the font size larger if the font appears too small. Changing the font size makes text larger in contacts, mail, n

How to Put Videos on an iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is an impressive piece of hardware that allows you to listen to music, play video games and watch videos. Although getting videos onto this device may seem like a daunting task at first, there are only a few simple steps involved. If you can put music on your iPod Touch, then putting

How to Back Up My iPod Music

Hard drives fail. You should have a back-up strategy in place for your important business files, contacts and media library. Fortunately, iTunes makes it easy to create a back-up disc that contains your entire collection of movies and music. ITunes also records which music and movies you have backed

How to Watch WMV Videos on the iPhone

The iPhone has a bright, 3.5-inch display with 960-by-640-pixel resolution, so watching videos may be one reason to buy it. If your videos are in WMV format, they will play back in high quality on your computer screen but will require a file conversion to play on your iPhone. The iPhone plays video

How to Take off an Otter Box Case

An OtterBox is a protective case for technological devices such as cell phones and tablet computers. Created by the OtterBox company, there are currently five styles of OtterBox cases: the Impact series, the Commuter series, the Reflex series, the Defender series, and the Armor series. Each series o

How to Locate Games on an iPod Touch

As long as your device is connected to a wireless network, you can locate games and other apps on your iPod Touch using the App Store. As there are thousands of games available, it can sometimes be difficult locating one particular game. Fortunately you can use the search feature to find the game yo

Profile: Across Age for iPad

If you miss the days of Zelda, Across Age is the RPG for you. With the a graphics style that brings back 16-bit console memories and plenty of riddles to solve, monsters to defeat and locations to discover, Across Age is the consummate console RPG.

How to Convert a CD to IPod Format

You may want to put music from your own music collection on your iPod. The iTunes application, a music and video application made by Apple, allows you to move tracks from a CD to your iPod. The application also allows you to keep the music within your iTunes library, where you can refer to it if you

How to Change the Lock Screen Background on Winterboard Theme

Winteboard is a freeware program that allows you to customize your iPhone. Jay Freeman is the developer behind this program; he has also developed other iPhone applications, such as Cydia. With Winterboard, you have more control over how your iPhone looks. You will be able to change the wallpaper, t

How to Check to See If My iPod Is 2G?

If you've purchased a refurbished or used iPod, there are a few ways to verify if it is 2G. The Apple iPod first came out in 2001. Since then, numerous updates, models and a variety of designs have been sold and distributed. The iPod 2G version, however, has specific features that distinguish it fro

How to Play Video on a Third Generation iPod

Both the third-generation iPod nano and iPod classic are capable of playing video. The iPod automatically sorts all your videos to the best of its ability, all you have to do is find the video and click to play it. Upload your favorite movies to your iPod, whether they are home movies or feature fil

How to Install Keyless Entry on a 2000 Blazer

A keyless entry remote allows the user to unlock a vehicle's doors with the push of a button on a key fob. When programed to your 2000 Blazer, a remote makes it more convenient to enter your car on rainy days or when you are carrying multiple items in your arms. Installing a keyless entry remote is

How to Fix a Wet iPod Nano 4th Generation

Water, or any other liquid, can ruin an electronic device such as an iPod Nano. The task of fixing a wet iPod Nano can be complicated, depending on how much liquid got onto the device. If the iPod falls into water, quick action needs to be taken to try and repair it and get the moisture out before i

How to Load Themes Onto My iPhone

All iPhones, when they are purchased, come with the same menu theme. The theme is the overall look of the iPhone, from the icons to the dock and the background image. However, it is possible to upload and change the current theme on your iPhone with a few outside (non-Apple created) content. The onl

How to Take Photos With an iPhone

The Apple iPhone has two cameras: one front-facing camera capable of taking VGA-quality photos and video and one 5.0-megapixel rear-facing camera capable of capturing 720p video. These cameras, in conjunction with the "Camera" app that comes preinstalled on every iPhone, allow you to capture the wor

How to Put an App on the Apple iTouch

With Wi-Fi internet capability, the Apple iTouch personal media player is capable of downloading content and applications from a wide variety of sources. Be it music, video, games or support programs, it's all just one click away. But what about mobile applications on your iTouch? Apple prevents yo

The Top iPad Games That Won't Cost You A Dime

These great iPad games include something for everyone whether you love word games, puzzles, action games or simply miss the days of playing Pictionary with your friends.

How to Troubleshoot the Synchronization on My iPod

Synching your iPod gives you access to more tools and media. Synchronization provides you with the ability to synch your music, movies, pictures, calendars and email between your iPod and your computer. Sometimes technological issues with the synch services and accidents like accidental deleting can