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How to Make a Grunge Mix for Dolls

Create an old-fashioned and worn look on your newer dolls by rubbing some homemade grunge mix on them. The grunge mix will dye the fabric to a dirty-looking brown color. The result is a doll that closely resembles antique cloth dolls and fits the style of primitive decor perfectly, but has the added

DIY Stool Decoration

Stools are an excellent way to provide seating for kitchen islands and home bars. They have a small footprint and are easy to store when they are not in use. However, they can be plain. If you want something more eye-catching or if you want your stools to do a better job of matching the rest of the

What Scents Are Good for Rice Bags?

Essential oils and other naturally based fragrances are the best option for scenting a rice bag. Using synthetic fragrances such as perfume, perfume oils or other manmade scents will often result in a harsher aroma that can change in smell when heated. Flowers, herbs and natural essential oils will

How to Make Silver Wire Rings

Silver wire rings are easy to make and are beautiful items of jewelry. They are a great way to get started making jewelry. They will also give you familiarity with working with wire so that you can attempt more complex projects. Try this silver wire ring project and you will not want to stop.

How to Dye With Dylon Fabric Dye

Founded in a garage in London in 1946, over the past five decades Dylon, the "Dyes of London," fabric dye company went on to become a major seller in the UK and Europe. Known for their innovation and vibrant colors, Dylon dye is specially made to dye old clothes, like jeans, with fresh color in cold

How to Write With Quills & Nibs

The fountain pen--which contains a nib used to write in ink--was modeled on the quill pen, a medieval writing implement. Either style of pen can be used to create calligraphy or fine handwriting in ink. Write wedding, anniversary or shower invitations with quills or nibs to lend the occasion a speci

Lace Knitting for Beginners

Knitting lace can be an enjoyable way of creating airy accessories and garments that often look more complicated to make than they really are. Anyone who is new to lace knitting may want to practice the easiest lace patterns first in order to understand the most basic increasing and decreasing conce

How to Calculate Clinker Phases

Heating limestone and clay together at around 1,450 degrees Celsius produces Portland cement clinker. It is a gray, rocky material cement producers grind up into a fine powder to make cement. The heating process causes oxygen to combine with the minerals in the clinker to form several oxides. Chemic

Using A4 cards for Wedding Cards

A wedding gift is not so complete without a wedding card nowadays. Wedding card is now becoming an essential part of a wedding. In fact many consider it as an entrance pass for every wedding ...

How to Find a Short Using Resistance

Electronics involves the combination of two or more electronic components on a circuit board which then manipulate or regulate electricity to complete a specific task. All electronic components, except for the capacitor, have a given resistance value when being measured with an Ohm meter or a multim

Rug Yarn Crafts

Rug yarn being latch-hooked onto rug backing.rug making image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comRug yarn is a bulky, plied yarn used to create handmade rugs with punch needle, rya stitch or latch hooking techniques. Often too bulky or coarse for everyday apparel, those who have leftover...

How to Join in a New Color in a Round for Crochet

Working in a round in crochet means you are making a project shaped in a square or other shape as opposed to the more traditional long rows. Granny squares are such a project. Many projects using rounds require changing colors periodically, perhaps as frequently as every round. Learning to change co

How to Sew a Swimsuit Coverup

When you aren't splashing around in the water at the pool or beach, a simple swimsuit coverup offers warmth, modesty and slight protection from the sun's rays. Department stores often carry at least a few different styles of coverups alongside their bathing suits during the warm summer months, but y

The Good Samaritan Preschool Arts & Crafts

Teaching your preschool class about the parable of the Good Samaritan, as found in the Gospel of Luke, will impart caring attitudes toward friends, family and people in need in your preschoolers -- and it will illustrate valuable lessons about Christianity itself. Several of these hands-on "Goo

Ideal Woodworking Shop - Woodworking Shop

One of the parts you need to build an area on is stock preparation. This is the area for resizing pieces into manageable ones. Positioning stock preparation equipment close to each other will be a ...

How Do I Enslave People in "Fallout 3"?

In "Fallout 3," you can choose to take the path of evil karma as well as the good, and the quickest way to do this is to enslave random people and send them to Paradise Falls, run by Eulogy Jones. The only way to subdue others is to shoot them with the Mesmetron, a prototype stun gun. People shot wi

Evinrude Outboard Identification

Evinrude outboard engines, a subsidiary of Johnson, are identified by decoding the model number located on the engine plate. The three designations for identification are: 1980 and later, 1969 to 1979 and 1968 and earlier. Identification variations exist within these categories.

How to Make Your Own Playing Cards Online

If you're a big fan of card games, you may have wondered about creating your own personalized decks. Services offering customized playing card decks are rather rare, and until the advent of the Internet, most consumers would never have come into contact with them outside of the casino or hobby indus