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Signs of Autism Your Pediatrician May Miss

What are the first signs of autism? Should you be concerned? What are the best ways to share your concerns with your doctor? And how do you start seeking a diagnosis for autism?

Autism Education For Parents

Parents of children with Autism need to write about their children. This is the best Autism education possible. It is critical for parents of children with Autism to be able to find information about Autism. Writings about Autism research does not do our children justice.

Cause of Autism

Thus far, medical researchers have not been able to find the actual cause of autism. It is believed that the disorder is caused by abnormalities in the brain structure that results in a disorder in the mental development. The reason for this has never been pinpointed. Findings have only shown that p

Effect of a Child With Autism on a Parent

Autism like many other disorders around the world comes with a number of symptoms which can really have a negative effect on the sufferer. In this article I will be discussing what effect that children with autism have on their parents or carers.

Learn to Identify Signs of Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's syndrome, although most commonly found in children, is not limited to children. Some doctors think it is really a mild form of autism, but be aware of the differences and the symptoms of it so that treatment can happen as quickly as possible.

Re-Examining the Brain and Autism

The amygdala plays an essential role in social behavior and cognitive function, as well as in emotional functioning.Little is known regarding the involvement of the amygdala in pervasive developmental disorders.

Getting Started with RDI

What is involved with getting started in RDI? How does RDI work to improve functioning in people with autism spectrum disorders? Is RDI "better" than other methods?

What Are the Main Symptoms of Autism?

Do you know what to look for to check if your child has autism? Learning to recognise the symptoms of autism could be what you require to help your child.

Why Autism is Not the End of the World

I don't get it. Many people just lose hope too soon, especially when it comes to medical conditions such as autism. This article goes motivational, showing you why you shouldn't give up just because your loved one has the condition.

Self Injury And Autism - How To Prevent Injury To The Autistic Soul

Self-injurious behaviour and autism unfortunately tend to go hand in hand. For the parent of a self-injurious child it can be heart breaking to watch. You feel helpless and unable to assist your child in their pain. Often times, due to the lack in communication skills it can be next to impossible to

Coping With Road Blocks

Recently a number of families I work with have been stymied by their childen getting stuck. These are children with Asperger Syndrome, nonverbal learning disability, obsessive compulsive disorder, or some combination of those. During the course of a normal day, these kids hit road blocks that trigge

Best Games For Autistic Children

Here are some good games console for kids with autism, including free site games, board games, video games, etc. As you know, children who suffer from autism have specific interests, at least one. Find out what it is and start from there.

Services for Autistic Adults

Adults who continue to suffer with Autism have new and advantageous avenues they can choose from as opposed to years before. The health insurance providers together with the medical health care community offer a variety of services to help enhance the pleasures of life. Granted that many of the serv

The Importance of Recognizing the Early Signs of Autism

As you watch the progression of your baby you wait with anticipation to celebrate each milestone. From the first time they raise their head, to the very first time they roll over to watching as they cautiously make their way onto their knees in preparation for their first crawl your baby is constant

If He Just Had a Sign

You know that look that people give you when your child is having a meltdown? Because they don't know he has Asperger's Syndrome all they think is he is completely out of control, and wonders what kind of parenting skills you are lacking to allow this behavior.