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Specs on a Honda 80 Carb

The XR 80 is a fairly small dirt bike that is produced by Honda Motor Co. This dirt bike is not street-legal and was intended for use on rugged off-road trails.

How to Remove the Starter From a 1979 Chevy Van

The van scene was huge in 1979, with vans selling off showroom floors like crazy. Today, 1979 Chevrolet vans--many of which are still on the road--have seen a lot of miles along the way and have been started thousands of times. When the starter goes out, the van ceases to run once it is turned off.

How to Change Spark Plugs in a Toyota 4.7 Liter Engine

The Toyota 4.7-liter engine uses a coil-on-plug system. This means that each spark plug has its own coil. The coil sits on top of the spark plug, eliminating the need for spark plug wires. Spark plugs should be replaced according to your maintenance schedule, even if they do not look like they need

Best Technique of the Windshield Repair

The cars' of windshield is open to harm because it is for all time in the way and if you exist in Houston region and is in terrible necessitate of a windshield fix Houston, in ...

The Specs on a Polaris Ranger XP LE

The Ranger XP LE Browning is a utility-style all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) produced by Polaris. With camouflage styling and a rugged-look, the ATV was introduced in 2009 with a starting price of around $12,499.

How to Fix the Back Brakes on a 1999 Dodge Dakota

The 1999 Dodge Dakota is equipped with brake shoes behind the rear wheels. Dodge did not introduce rear disc brakes until 2001. The rear braking system includes the brake shoes, brake cylinder, adjustment arm and the parking brake cable. When the brake pedal is compressed, the brake cylinder compres

How to Understand Motorcycle Tire Sizes

At first glance, you may think of a motorcycle tire code as nothing more than a strange jumble of letters and numbers. If you take a closer look, though, you will see a pattern among the chaos. In fact, the motorcycle tire code is designed to tell you everything you need to know about the tire. Sinc

How to Replace the Starter Motor on a 1995 5.7 Roadmaster

The Buick Roadmaster has an awkwardly located starter that requires you first remove the cross-bar on the frame to remove it. Make sure that your new starter has terminal posts that are the same size as the old ones; if they are too small, then you may not be able to fit all of the connecting wires

How to Add Batteries to EZ-GO

EZ-GO electric golf carts are limited by the strength of the single battery power source. Though these vehicles are capable of covering long distances on a single charge, they move quite slowly. Learn how to install another battery to your EZ-GO to increase the vehicle's top speed and to prolong its

How to Chip a Honda Computer

The chip inside of your Honda Civic's ECU works as a control center for your car's engine. This chip will regulate air intake, fuel injection, mixture ratios, and many other factors pivotal to your car's operation. With a new chip you will be able to control those levels yourself, in most cases incr

How to Clean the Headlights on a 3000GT

Crystal clear headlights lend an attractive touch to your 3000GT in addition to providing better night visibility. Headlights accumulate dirt and buildup quickly because of their location. Insects, oxidation and road grime can be tough to remove. Clean your headlights with car-wash soap and buff awa

What to Check If the Van Starts and Then Stalls

If you have a van that is stalling out quickly after an ignition attempt, there are three areas to concentrate the troubleshooting: the gas, battery and spark plugs. These are the most common reasons for stalls or inconsistent ignition. When troubleshooting issues such as these, it is advisable to b

How Do I Polish the Aluminum Trim on a 1968 Ford?

Aluminum trim is added to cars for no other purpose that to accent the lines of the car and add design details that make the car look good. This is no different in a 1968 Ford. Polishing these older pieces can get tricky, however, as years of exposure and general lack of care may have caused them to

How to Remove a Snake From a Car

Snakes rely on external sources to help control their body temperature; they seek cool and wet places when temperatures are high and warm places -- like cars-- when the weather is colder. If a snake does get into your car, leave your car immediately; leave the door open to allow the snake an exit ro

How to Change the Brake Pads on a 1994 Ford Ranger

The 1994 Ford Ranger has disc brakes installed on the front wheels; each brake consists of a brake caliper, brake pads and brake rotors. The caliper compresses the pads against the rotor, which mounts to the axle hub. This action slows the pickup to a halt, but has the side effect of wearing out the

What Is an Outboard Powerhead?

A powerhead can be found on the outboard motor of a boat; it is more common on small boat than a large one. The outboard motor is a system that propels the boat and helps to guide steering and direction. The powerhead is an integral part of the outboard motor, as it helps to hold all of the parts to

Auto Body Tools for Stainless Steel Trim

Use trim tools to remove damaged windshields.damaged cars image by Stephen Chaplin from Fotolia.comIf you're repairing auto body stainless steel trim, you'll need tools that have certain lengths, special angles and multiple configurations. Front, back and side windshields, side body...

How to Replace a Rearview Mirror in a Corolla

In most vehicles, the rearview mirror is bonded to the windshield by special glue that can support the weight of the mirror. Eventually, the glue dries and weakens and the mirror no longer sticks to the windshield. Replacing a rearview mirror is not difficult or time-consuming. You will spend mos

How to Break Loose a Stuck Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Alloy wheels are a great-looking addition to any vehicle. Alloys are lighter and stronger than steel wheels. The alloys are held onto a vehicle's hub with lug nuts and are intended to come off quickly and easily once the lug nuts are removed. However, dirt and grime can become trapped between the wh