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Safe Driving & Driving Test Techniques : Cars & Vehicles

Signs of a Bad Altenator

A bad alternator cannot effectively replenish a battery power supply.Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty ImagesThe symptoms of a bad alternator can initially mimic those of a dead battery. This can cause some drivers to replace the battery without realizing the root cause....

What is the Difference Between Hard Drive Navagation & DVD Based?

GPS (Global Positioning System) devices in vehicles are available in many forms such as built-in, portable and via a cell phone. Built-in navigation systems come with two options in retrieving the stored maps and locations. This can be done through a build-in hard drive or by inserting a disc into t

What You Should Know When Driving in Winter

Driving during winter can be a tough challenge for both the driver and the vehicle. The conditions on the road call for more skill and attention on the part of the driver. It is also ...

How to Stop a Squeaky Car Belt

While the more reliable serpentine belt replaced V-belts some time ago, they're still not completely free of the problems that plagued older systems. While a serpentine system's tensioner can help it to compensate somewhat for belt stretch, no system can compensate for imperfections in the belt and

What Kind of Impact Would Shatter a Rear Windshield?

The rear windshield glass is tempered to increase protection for people in the vehicle. Tempering the glass makes it about five to 10 times stronger than normal glass, meaning it can withstand impact and extreme temperatures.

How to Power Shift a BMW 323

While driving your five-speed manual BMW 323i at full throttle, it's common to experience some power loss as you perform gear changes under heavy acceleration. By employing the power shift technique, you can minimize that power loss as you upshift. Power shifting does not entirely prevent engine pow

How to Disable the Traction Control on a 1998 Contour SVT

The Contour SVT was designed and manufactured by Ford Motor Company. The vehicle came equipped with a 2.5 L V-6 engine. The Contour had traction control built into it as a safety feature. The traction control uses the anti-lock brake sensors to determine when a wheel is slipping. If the system noti

All-Wheel Drive Vs. Standard 4-Wheel Drive

The difference between all-wheel-drive (AWD) and four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles involves a few simple factors. Although with variations in all-wheel-drive vehicles, it is getting harder to distinguish between the two.

The Advantages of Airbags

Airbags were invented to keep people safer during vehicle accidents, with the first airbags placed on the driver's side only. Front passenger airbags soon followed, and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 1998 began requiring all vehicles to include driver and front passenger

Auto Import Laws

Auto import laws apply to all vehicles imported into the U.S.retro car on street image by d_j_ang0 from Fotolia.comAmericans may be able to import automobiles to the United States as long as they comply with specific auto import laws. Auto import laws govern who can import vehicles, which...

Vehicle Safety Facts

Automotive technology has brought new advancements that make today's vehicles the safest ever devised. Vehicle safety depends on more than just a car's safety equipment. Proper maintenance and defensive driving tactics can make the likelihood of an accident much smaller.

How to Share the Road With Farm Machinery

In rural areas, many motorists are forced to share the roadway with farm machinery. Whether it’s planting season, harvest or just time to check on the fields, farm machinery on the roadway can be a concern for motorists. Sharing the roadway with tractors, combines and other farm machinery sho